How To Convert PowerPoint To PDF Format


Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most used resources in the Microsoft Office range of products. It is used for both educational and business purposes. To give a PPT to others, continually transform it to a PDF file such that the original quality is preserved. There are several tools and web resources available to convert PPT to PDF online, and we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best online PPT to PDF converters.

  1. GetLua
  2. Online2PDF
  3. Small PPT to PDF Converter
  4. Zamzar
  5. Free Online PPTX Converter
  6. Nitro

The Best Online PPT to PDF Converter

1.  GetLua

GetLua is a free online tool that allows you to export your PowerPoint PPT to PDF format. It has a one-click capability that will enable you to convert a Powerpoint presentation to a PDF with a single click. Simply drag and drop or import your PPT files to get your latest PDF format in seconds. To quickly transform a PowerPoint PPT file to a PDF, follow these measures. First, click Choose PPT Files, drag and drop a file into the drop region, and then choose the PPT or PPTX file you want to convert. Our tool will then begin the conversion instantly. You must wait for the converter to finish converting the data until the PPT presentation is transformed to a PDF format. You can optionally use Compress PDF tool to reduce the file size which makes sharing and email attachments easier.

2.  Online2PDF

Unlike other online PPT to PDF converters, it lacks a fancy user interface, but it converts PPT files to PDF smoothly. There are two output PDF file modes; you can generate a single PDF file from the PPT or create a separate PDF file for each entry in the file. Additionally, it will enable you to pick specific pages to convert inside the PPT file. Consequently, following conversion, the user may restructure PDF files. On the other side, you are limited to converting a maximum of 20 files at a time, and each file may not exceed 50MB in size.

3.  Small PPT to PDF Converter

This free online PPT to PDF converter has a simple interface that operates in a couple of seconds. Additionally, the website’s landing screen allows you to drag and drop any PPT file from your device or add data directly from cloud providers. It is compatible with both the older and newer versions of PowerPoint. Users may transfer converted PDF files to Dropbox or Google Drive yet again. In other terms, it is an excellent option for cloud-based operating systems such as Chrome OS.

4.  Zamzar PPT to PDF Converter

Zamzar’s conversion facility features an old-school design and supports PDF files up to 50MB in size. You may either use the upload button to browse for PPT files on your screen or drag and drop them directly into the webpage to convert to PDF. The next step is to pick the PDF file, followed by the entry of the E-mail address. You will get an email with the converted files, and you will have 24 hours to open the PDF file.

5.  Free Online PPTX Converter

The most accessible online tool for converting PPT files to PDF files is the free online PPTX Converter. This tool allows you to upload PPT files from your device, convert them to PDF using a URL link, or import PDF files from cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Once the file has been translated to a PDF format, it will be downloaded directly to your device. You can, however, upload the converted PDF file to Google Drive or Dropbox as well. One of this online converter’s unique features is an OCR feature, which is not often used in other online services.

6.  Nitro PowerPoint to PDF

Nitro’s web portal converts Microsoft Office documents as PDF files or vice versa. The service’s user interface is relatively standard, and it only provides a few alternatives to free customers. Additionally, this program needs an email address for the transfer phase, which could be unsettling for most customers looking to prevent spam in their inbox. After transfer, you may not be able to retrieve the file directly from the page; instead, the portal will send the file to your email address, which can take up to 15-20 seconds to email.

Limitations of Online PPT to PDF Converter

  • Internet connectivity is required.
    • PPT files have a size constraint. The majority of providers would prevent you from uploading files of more than 50 MB.
    • Online PPT to PDF Converters cannot delete or rearrange the pages in PDF formats.
    • There is no way to modify or resize the PPT files’ pictures.