JustMyRoots is delivering COVID Meals in Kolkata


There are many topics in this world that people may disagree on. However, this pandemic is not one of them. We are living in difficult times, stressful times. To go out or not – it is terrifying to make even the smallest of choices given the dire consequences we all are facing.

But thank God, food is not one of those choices anymore. Now, JustMyRoots brings you COVID Meals straight to your doorstep. Cooking is usually the last thing one wants to do when feeling sick, which is why ordering COVID Meals for you and your family is the way to go.

House help not coming? Don’t feel like cooking? Daily meals in the City of Joy are just a finger tap away. And what’s more – these meals are prepared in well-sanitized environments by restaurants and home chefs of Kolkata who have joined hands with JustMyRoots for this mission. Every utensil, every surface is properly cleaned and sanitized. Afterall, safety is of utmost importance.

Well-cooked home meals are a cure to almost everything. These nutritious COVID Meals by JustMyRoots are delivered straight at your doorstep with full convenience. You can pick and choose from different meal packs depending on the number of people you need to feed. You can also customize the number of times you want food to be delivered in a day. In fact, you can pick meal packs for as many days as needed. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals offering everything from dal, sabzi, roti, rice for lunch as well as dinner along with the choice of fish, chicken or egg.

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All in all, it doesn’t matter where you are or where your family is in this pandemic. With JustMyRoots you can get nutritious food delivered to your loved ones living anywhere in the city of Kolkata.