Things To Consider Before Buying A Two Wheeler in India


Two wheelers are the most affordable and convenient form of personal transport. In a country like India, where the traffic congestion is increasing with each passing day, hence travelling in cars can be frustrating. Two wheelers are at an advantage as they can be maneuvered easily and can be parked even in cramped spaces. Which is why many individuals turn to two wheelers such as bikes and scooters for their daily commute. If you are planning to buy a two wheeler, you will be inundated by the numerous choices existing in the market today. Hence it is important to do a little research by yourself so that you make the right purchase decision. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before buying a two wheeler in India: –

Pick the Brand Carefully

Buying a two wheeler is a long term investment, hence you need to make the decision carefully. It’s always a great idea to buy your vehicle for a well-established brand as quality is of utmost importance. Some of the top two wheeler manufacturers in India are Hero MotoCorp, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India, TVS, Mahindra, Kinetic, Suzuki, etc. Choice of the brand also has a significant impact on the resale value, so choose the brand carefully.

Figure-Out Your Budget

Before buying a two wheeler it is important to decide on a budget beforehand. This will help you stick to the budget while shopping for the two wheeler. Besides the actual purchase cost, you must also consider the maintenance costs such as servicing, repairs, insurance and fuel.

Check the Mileage

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Mileage is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a two wheeler. Given the rising fuel prices, having a two wheeler with a good mileage is essential. The average two wheeler provides 35 KMPL to 40 KMPL.

Find Out Where the Service Centers Are Located

Repairs often occur without warning and if the service centre is located far away from your residence, it can be a great inconvenience. If a mishap occurs, you will find it difficult to transport your bike to a far-off location to get it repaired. So before you choose a certain manufacturer, check if they have service centers near your residence.

Check the Availability of Spare Parts

The availability of spare parts is yet another important factor to consider before buying a two wheeler. At times, the spare parts of certain brands or models are hard to find. Hence this could delay the repair of your vehicle significantly.


Undertake Some Research About Insurance

Before you buy a two wheeler, it’s important to undertake proper research about two wheeler insurance policies. Find out the extent of coverage offered by various insurance policies as well as the policy premium rates. Make sure you buy two wheeler insurance for your safety.

Read User Reviews

It’s always better to go through some firsthand feedback on the vehicle you are planning to buy. User reviews may provide you with detailed insights that the showroom salesman will not be able to provide. Look out for reviews on factors such as real-time mileage, it’s its attributes, running etc.

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