Friday, July 23, 2021

30-40% People are Hesitant About Vaccination, Says Vaccine & Public Health Expert

owadays, Infodemic has become a buzzword. It refers to a large increase in the volume of information associated with a specific topic and whose growth can occur exponentially in a short period of time due to a specific incident. One of the recent examples of misinformation is the vaccine hesitancy. We have seen some people who have anxiety and uncertainty with vaccines and some people have been misguided due to a lot of misinformation.

Branding is a need, not a luxury for SME ecosystem – Ashish Shinde, Empire...

The ongoing pandemic has turned all business sectors on its head. When plenty of businesses are on the verge of shutting down, few enterprising industries and sectors innovated their business strategies to survive the onslaught. Local businesses and MSME’s had to adapt to the changing scenario and think out of the box to ensure their brand and products are promoted.

BIS standards wreak havoc in cash-starved MSMEs in metal packaging

MSMEs in metal container manufacturing in India have urged the government to drop the steel and steel products quality control order (QCO) for now, issued by...

Importance of self-care for hardworking entrepreneurs

The word Entrepreneurship sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Being your boss, deciding your schedule, the freedom to work on your time - I...
women at workplace

The Reason Why More Women Are Needed At The Workplace!

If we look at the history of the world, the world would be so boring, unfair and cruel without women. Some of the greatest...

Moody’s Analytics sees India’s GDP growth at 12% in 2021

After contracting by 7.1 per cent in 2020, India's gross domestic product (GDP) is likely to grow 12 per cent in 2021 as near-term...
investment options

Invest with Care and Prudence.

By Deepak Choudhhary. Investment Guru, CEO - Insurance4Life. Covid-19 pandemic brought personal financial matters under scrutiny as never before. More Indians understood the limitations of their...

Experts discuss ELV recycling & upcoming Vehicles Scrappage Policy at 10th Lecture Series hosted...

In light of the recent budget announcement on Vehicle Scrappage Policy and expectations on various policy regulations and notifications, the Society of Indian Automobile...

Chambers of Commerce : Vital ‘Economic Drivers’ of India

Indian Government has a Ministry of Commerce & Industry to safeguard the matters related to Commerce & Industry. As these matters are multidimensional, multi-layered,...

Kids and Catnapping– What you need to know

By Dr.Suruchi Goyal, Consultant - Paediatrics and Paediatric Endocrinology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield Maria was happy that she could take time off from looking after...

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