Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Cyber Safety First! : Ms. Jaya S. Prakash

The world has indeed shrunk into our palms, or even fingertips. With the advent of technology and rapid digitalization has changed the way we live, the way we work and the way we think. What it has also done is that it has exposed, the otherwise safe in their abodes, people to crimes that were unimaginable not very long ago.

HVAC demand surges in India

The last couple of months have been an entirely new experience for everyone and the reason is quite obvious- ‘COVID-19 pandemic’. People were confined to their homes and literally forced to find overnight solutions for business continuity and maintaining physical and mental health.

Delayed Environmental Clearances Contribute to Delayed Projects

A well-known real estate consultancy recently published a report on heavily delayed and fully stalled residential projects. It paints the kind of gloomy picture which most people tend to associate with Indian real estate these days. Since negativity sells, this report did not mention how many projects by leading developers are actually getting completed on time now.

What are organisational insider threats: types, detection, and preventive methods

As the name suggests, organisational insider threats are the cybersecurity hazards caused, intentionally or unintentionally, by persons (employees, business partners or other internal stakeholders) related to an organisation. There can be several reasons for internal stakeholders to turn into threats for an organisation:

How to Manage Restaurant Operations at best, “The pandemic is not over yet” –...

"it is high time to make some major changes to the way you run your restaurant. Ensuring that your customers, as well as staff, stay healthy and safe during this pandemic should be your prime concern. All the way from ensuring the utmost level of sanitation to enforcing measures to protect workers under you, there are numerous changes you need to make right now"

Number of lung cancer incidences on rise in women, says panelists at Neuberg Centre...

Ahead of World Lung Cancer Day, the lung cancer experts at Neuberg Centre for Genomic Medicine Panel discussion on Lung Cancer Detection – How Late, is Late? shared the insights that lately, an increasing number of women are reporting cases of lung cancer. The lung cancer incidences in men continue to be high, however, the rising number of incidences in women has become a cause of concern.

“Smile Foundation wants to bring ‘Civic Driven Change’, with Change the Game Academy”: Santanu...

Businessfortnight had an interview with Mr Santanu Mishra, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee, Smile Foundation. Helping the community to grow and providing benefits to the needy, smile foundation has done magnificent work to uplift society and destroy social boundaries.

30-40% People are Hesitant About Vaccination, Says Vaccine & Public Health Expert

owadays, Infodemic has become a buzzword. It refers to a large increase in the volume of information associated with a specific topic and whose growth can occur exponentially in a short period of time due to a specific incident. One of the recent examples of misinformation is the vaccine hesitancy. We have seen some people who have anxiety and uncertainty with vaccines and some people have been misguided due to a lot of misinformation.

Branding is a need, not a luxury for SME ecosystem – Ashish Shinde, Empire...

The ongoing pandemic has turned all business sectors on its head. When plenty of businesses are on the verge of shutting down, few enterprising industries and sectors innovated their business strategies to survive the onslaught. Local businesses and MSME’s had to adapt to the changing scenario and think out of the box to ensure their brand and products are promoted.

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Sensex falls over 100 points, Nifty below 18,350

Indian benchmark indices opened lower today, led by losses in consumer durables and metal stocks amid positive global cues. Sensex fell 132 points to 61,589 and Nifty slipped 73 points to 18,345.

Jeep India launches ‘Mission One Earth’ to promote Responsible Adventure

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