Havells launches fans with air purification technology


Addressing rising concerns of worsening air pollution in the country, home-grown company Havells has launched fans with air purification technology. Claimed to be India’s first ceiling fan with air purifier, Havells Stealth Puro Air has been launched for Rs 15,000. Besides, the company has also launched Fanmate – a table fan that comes equipped with a carbon filter to remove bad odours and purify the air.

“Our Stealth Puro Air ceiling fan comes equipped with a 3-stage air purifier that filters PM 2.5 and PM 10 pollutant along with VOC filtration and delivers a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130 cu. m/hr. With acute efficiency and a powerful air-purification system, the range offers a CADR of 130 cu. m/hr,” says Ravindra Singh Negi, President- Electrical Consumer Durables, Havells India. According to the company, the fan priced at Rs 15,000 (MOP) comes with technologically advanced features such as remote-control operation, under light and LED air purity indicator, to name a few. It also has aerodynamic blades for silent operation and high air delivery.

Havells has also launched Fanmate, a table fan that is equipped with a carbon filter to remove bad odours and purify the air. The fan comes equipped with a premium satin matt finish with a leather handle, a touch button for ease of operations, a USB port for mobile charging, a USB cable to operate the fan through a laptop /normal mobile charger, and has a battery backup of up to three hours.

Besides Stealth Puro Air and Fanmate, Havells has also introduced its 16 new products under the Fan Portfolio, which includes the Trendy HS and NS Pedestan Fan, Anti-Stan Exhaust Fan, Premium Ceiling Fan, Milor Ceiling Fan, Antilia Neo Fan Ceiling Fan, Astura Ceiling Fan, Trinity IoT Ceiling Fan, Stealth Air BLDC Ceiling Fan, Enticer BLDC Ceiling Fan, Florence Under Light Ceiling Fan, XPJET 400 ceiling fan, Girik Wall fan and Efficiencia Prime, Pro and Neo Ceiling Fan Range.

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Commenting on the consumer demand in urban areas, Negi says the company experienced some initial hiccups due to lockdowns and large urban centres especially the metro and Tier 1 cities bore the maximum impact of the lockdown. With unlock, demand has been stabilised in all urban markets and is showing steady growth. Smaller towns, especially Tier 3 and below, were not impacted significantly and there has been a steady growth in demand from rural areas and lower town classes. “Online segment is a growing segment for Havells and during the pandemic there was significant acceleration across all product categories. We have witnessed demand from e-commerce platforms and Havells’ own online stores, Shop. Offline demand was initially impacted due to the lockdown but with gradual unlock, demand has stabilised and is growing in offline channel as well,” adds Negi.

With India’s organised fan market pegged at around Rs 8,000 crore, Havells is one of the leading names in this space and claims to have close to 19-20 per cent of the market share. The company entered the fans segment in 2003 and is currently present in the premium and super-premium categories, offering over 250 SKU’s of fans. Havells manufacturing plant for fans in Haridwar, Uttarakhand is a fully integrated state-of-the-art plant, which is equipped with automated CNC machines for end covers, computerised conveyor assembly line and testing facilities. The current production capacity of the plant is more than 10 million fans annually.