Entertainment with a Splash : Aquatic Shows

Aquatic Show
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Aquatic shows have become an order of the day in planning for events, whether for individuals or a crowd for parties, gatherings, and festivities. Nowadays, a traditional aquatic water show consists of many multimedia options, a water show with a baroque style fountain or modern water jets for a contemporary line feel. In many aquatic show businesses, they use aqua graphics to make a sculpture from the water surface, which is very popular.

The aquatic show presents bubbles or creates an illusion of boiling water, and the lights from above and under the water change the show moment by moment. The aquatic show business makes the stage appear as a living and breathing organism. The stage might have geysers, jets, musical fountains of different sizes, artificial rain, or even waterfalls.

According to industry experts the aquatic show business has gained a lot of popularity over the years has gained popularity over the years. It is a type of animated entertainment where water fountains are created in aesthetic designs for the purpose of entertainment. These effects can easily be achieved with timing the soundwaves and the light waves against the water particles. As the water refracts and reflects the light, that is when three dimensional images are produced.

There are two popular forms for Aquatic Shows-

Musical fountain

The musical fountain is a perfect aquatic performance that can be integrated in musical performances like orchestras, dance recitals or other musical live performances. This type of fountain can also be used as a background decoration and can be integrated into the performance itself. It has also been made famous all around the world and with time, it has been enriched with new skills and technology. With fourteen different effects produced at a time, this type of fountain has the capability of keeping the spectator glued into the magical world of aquatic shows. There are other types of music for a musical fountain that can be programmed and played by DMX. This type of fountain has a keyboard that allows technicians to play live and produce aesthetically pleasing patterns.

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Water curtain

This type of aquatic performance is known for its precision and unparalleled performance. This type of fountain is known to have an amazing visual presence with the capability of capturing your attention longer than you expected. The nozzles used to produce a water curtain are especially designed to produce a specific texture of the water, to capture light at the correct angle and achieve the right project that will give that high performance for the audiences. To enable the water fountain’s surface to be cut into desired parts, high-quality solenoid valves have to be used. These valves also make the water curtain to be more flexible by allowing an increase in water volume, display of logos or texts and any other simple or complex image that can be displayed. This type of fountain can also be used in an indoor setting or during live performances.