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SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Lilith Games is excited to announce that Warpath, the free-to-play competitive RTS game available on PC, iOS, and Android devices, is collaborating with the iconic 2D action shooter Metal Slug 3 to bring all-new content to its critically-acclaimed military strategy game. With the new Warpath X Metal Slug 3 crossover collaboration, popular Metal Slug characters Marco Rossi and Eri Kasamoto have joined the Warpath army and are ready for action!

In the classic Metal Slug arcade series, Marco Rossi served as the first squadron leader of the Peregrine Falcons Special Forces Squad. He has a unique specialty in computer sciences and was especially proficient in writing computer viruses. As an abandoned orphan, Eri Kasamoto joined street gangs as a child and was later trained as a spy. She later rejected her spy training and transferred to the Special Ops Squad S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S.

Fans of the Metal Slug series and Warpath can now both enjoy unique crossover content featuring Marco Rossi and Eri Kasamoto. Additional Warpath X Metal Slug 3 content includes new combat missions, special vehicles, and an exciting collaboration special event to win cash rewards.

Watch the Warpath X Metal Slug 3 trailer here:
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Key Warpath X Metal Slug 3 crossover content includes:

  • Marco Rossi – With the ability to cause devastating damage to the target enemy, Marco Rossi is a force to be reckoned with on the Warpath battlefield! Marco also possesses hacking skills that can paralyze your opponent’s offensive and defensive weapons, causing them to lose their attack power for a short period of time
  • Eri Kasamoto – When Eri Kasamoto leads your troops, your army will benefit from increased combat effectiveness and deliver higher damage. At the same time, Eri can also greatly reduce the enemy’s hit rate and their movement speed to help your army gain the ultimate advantage
  • Metal Slug Super Vehicle – The beloved Metal Slug 3 super vehicle, also known as SV-001, makes its debut in the Warpath armory! Its base skin is modeled after Metal Slug 3’s notorious first boss, the oversized and deadly mutated crab, Huge Hermit
  • Warpath x Metal Slug 3 Collab Special Event – Compete in an all-new, exclusive event by first choosing to join either Team Marco Rossi or Team Eri Kasamoto. Increase your chosen team’s power by completing a series of tasks for a chance to win cash prizes and in-game rewards. Register for the event at https://metalslug3-warpath.lilith.com

Download Warpath on PC, the iOS App Store, and Android Google Play.

For the latest on tournaments, updates, and new features, follow Warpath on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

A full press kit containing game key art, screenshots, logos, and more is available here: https://uberstrategist.link/warpath-press-kit.

About Warpath

Warpath is a classic real-time strategy game where players build their forces to unleash fury on enemy units through strategic ground combat or advanced aerial assault. Featuring iconic wartime locations from around the world, Warpath invites players to assemble deeply customized military units and build impregnable bases in full, high-quality HD. Zoom freely about the map between rugged terrain and urban landscapes, locating allies to increase control and battle-defining in-game power level. With highly customizable weapons, aircraft, and the ability to move between ally bases, Warpath makes the journey to battlefield dominance a dynamic, cinematic experience.

About Lilith Games

Established in May 2013, Lilith Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (AKA “Lilith”) is devoted to creating an unprecedented gaming experience for players around the globe via engaging and diverse mobile games.

Since its founding, Lilith has developed and published a variety of acclaimed games, such as Soul Hunters, Abi: A Robot’s Tale, Rise of Kingdoms, Art of Conquest, AFK Arena, and Warpath. Lilith Games ranked 10th place in terms of global game publishing company revenue according to data from App Annie’s State of Mobile 2021 report. In addition to commercial gaming success, Lilith creates and publishes compelling independent games, including popular titles Isoland 2: Ashes of Time Lite and Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon. Visit www.lilithgames.com to learn more and explore Lilith’s expanding catalog of titles.


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