Urocentre Launched World’s First Virtual Men’s Health Screening Campaign under Leadership of Dr. Raman Tanwar


Urocentre Launched World’s First Virtual Men’s Health Screening Campaign under Leadership of Dr. Raman Tanwar

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

  • Urocentre screened 760 men for health issues through virtual consultation to mark the beginning of Men’s Health Month

  • Screenings were carried out at four centres across delhi NCR through Proclinic virtual consultation platform


June is celebrated internationally as the men’s health month. The need for a separate health month for men arises from the fact that men have been neglecting their health over centuries and today the lifespan has decreased by 3 to 5 years compared to women. In some countries men die 10 years earlier than women. Unfortunately India lags behind by decades when it comes to caring for its men folk and there are rare awareness activities aimed at curbing this divide and bringing men to a state of better health.


Dr. Raman Tanwar


To mark the beginning of the Men’s Health month Urocentre launched a special mass virtual awareness drive which is the first-of-its-kind virtual consultation and screening drive for men in the world where more than 760 men took virtual consultations today at the four Urocentres in Delhi NCR and its allied Jyoti hospital in Gurugram through urocentre’s newly launched virtual consultation platform Proclinic.


On the event Dr. Raman Tanwar said that, “The need for better men’s health facilities in the country and was concerned by the lack of any national programs that could focus on men’s health just like there were programs for maternal and child health. A lot of our young men fall prey to men specific problems leading to loss of productivity of the nation at large. We need to work to boost the health of our men folk for the greater good.

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Dr. Raman Tanwar, a leading urologist of Gurugram and NCR also announced the establishment of 100 men’s health clinics by 2022. Dr. Tanwar added that these clinics will provide comprehensive solutions to men seeking healthcare without intimidating them. The clinics will provide solutions under one roof from lifestyle disease management to sexual health treatments. Dr. Raman linked the sexual health problem to major lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, stress and suicide and briefed on how early detection of sexual problems would also improve morbidity and death due to these killers. 


In this massive screening and health guidance drive the Urocentre team helped solve over 2200 queries which came from men 79% of whom were between 25 to 35 years of age. Medical consultation was provided to 424 men for conditions in various domains like lifestyle diseases, sexual health concerns, mental health issues and certain other common ailments.


This paperless electronic medical record system provided comprehensive screening opportunities for men and could become an important tool for preventive health and screening.


Dr. Raman Tanwar is a Urologist and fellowship trained andrologist in Gurugram. He has been actively involved in mens health for the last 12 years and presently is the secretary general of the Men’s Health Society of India. Dr. Raman holds expertise in kidney stone treatment, microscopic varicocele repair, and andrology surgeries like penile implants. He directs the Urocentre group of urology centres and to further the cause of men’s health, Dr. Raman is looking forward to establishing mens health clinics all over the country which could screen men, guide men and cure men in a more holistic and genuine way.

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