Three carbon-neutral options of CN fuel, hydrogen engine, and HEV complete the Thailand 10-hour Endurance Race | Corporate | Global Newsroom


In this race, we also attempted to expand motorsport-bred carbon-neutral options. The GR86 and Prius use carbon-neutral fuel. The hydrogen engine Corolla partially uses hydrogen made with chicken manure-generated biogas from poultry farms of the CP.

After the race, chairman Akio Toyoda, also known as Driver Morizo, made the following comments.

The message of participating in this race was to show hydrogen and hybrids as carbon-neutral options.

Despite some trouble, we were able to complete the race. In addition to the hydrogen engine, which raced for the second year, I had the impression that the Prius and hybrid cars were well received by the Thai people this year.

We are working together with CP to reduce CO2 emissions in Thailand by leveraging our respective areas of expertise. Mr. Kachorn, who participated as a Prius driver this time, loves driving, and the chairman, Mr. Soopakij, is also an avid driver. It was very meaningful that CP and Toyota were able to participate in the 10-hour Prius race together, and I think it allowed more people to learn about our activities.

It is difficult for a single company to create a carbon-neutral movement and the future of mobility alone.

People who produce, transport, and use energy as well as the people who make cars; I believe that if many people cooperate and take action, the number of like-minded partners will increase, and the landscape of the future will definitely change.

Thai people positively support people who take action. I would like to live in a world where we all create the future together and support those who are working hard toward this aim.

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