The Five Best Games To Play With Your Friends

Best Computer Games

Photo by Alexander Kovalev from Pexels

In today’s world, the online gaming industry is growing. Now that gaming has removed communication gaps between friends, it incorporates chat and voice features into the games, allowing you to engage directly with your friends when playing.

However, you cannot recreate the same physical experience from the comfort of your own home. If you choose to play multiplayer games, there are several options. The majority of them are available for free download from the Google Play Store. I’ve created a list of the five best games to enjoy with your friends.

Mario Kart Tour

The smartphone app edition of Mario Kart Tour is a lot of fun and can be played online with a group of friends. To plan a play, you must first clear a few hurdles. You’ll need to build a Nintendo account and play a few games of your own after installing the application. After completing the first stage, when you tap the menu button at the bottom of the home screen, the “Friends” icon will appear. After clicking “add mate,” you can insert your friend’s Player ID or Nintendo Account in the empty field and challenge them to a battle.

Sky: Children of the Light

For anyone interested in experiencing a video game-like environment without purchasing an entirely new gaming machine, the social adventure title Sky: Children of Light is now eligible for free download on all iOS and Android devices. It’s simple to see why Apple called it the iPhone Game of the Year for 2019. This enchanted game transports you to the magnificently illustrated realm of Sky, where your task is to travel through seven kingdoms and solve mysteries with your friends to restore fallen stars to their constellations. You can play the game yourself, but it’s far more enjoyable with friends.

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You might have previously used the daily Heads Up! app with your friends in person. You might have recently used the Houseparty to stay connected, but did you realize a way to play this charades-style game inside the video chat application. You can simply invite your friends to a Houseparty session, then click the tiny dice icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Heads Up! to open a new game. There are a few free decks available, and hundreds of themed decks are available for about a dollar.

Scrabble GO

Scrabble has been popular for more than 80 years, and for more than a decade, the app game industry has been saturated by counterfeits. However, after video game maker Scopely relaunched Scrabble GO’s official smartphone game in March 2020 in partnership with Mattel and Hasbro, the game has been played daily by more than 2 million users. This latest edition has a far more authentic environment than the original board game and can be played online with friends from your smartphone or by linking the software to your Facebook profile.

Scrabble GO is the official Scrabble app for Android at the moment. It holds a great deal of potential. You can make personalized word cards, play Scrabble on the official board, and even see the game’s own Scrabble dictionary. Additionally, there are many standard game modes, including a classic version, a faster duels mode, and a few more. Unfortunately, the creators used certain free-to-play features, which means that things may seem a little sloppy at times, and you can come across players who beat you with upgrades rather than abilities. 

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You can participate in Scrabble’s game with the actual board game or with friends online through the Scrabble GO app. Words with Friends cheat can be also used during the gameplay to find words when you get stuck in the game.

Boggle with Friends

The mobile edition of this popular game is identical to the one you’re familiar with. You win points for identifying word combinations in the letters after shaking lettered dice into a grid. The most significant thing is that the software maintains track of your progress. Suppose you can compete against random opponents online. In that case, you can also challenge friends by clicking on the Friends tab in the top right corner and selecting friends from your contacts who have already downloaded the game or by texting invite links to others.