Tesla To Unveil Updated CyberTruck Design Next Month


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the company is ready to unveil the new redesigned Cybertruck in “a”month or so”. Musk had revealed that he had conducted a design review of the CyberTruck with Franz von Holzhausen, the design chief for Tesla and had indicated a bunch of enhancements for the design of the electric pickup a year ago.

The car has already garnered half a million reservations since its unveil in 2019. Musk has indicated in the past that there will be an adaptive air suspension but he dropped the idea of a smaller truck after the design review in May. Musk has also indicated that the centre line more level and he’s indicated lowering the window sill height. 

One should not expect a massive change to the design of the car but it looks like a more elongated version on the basis of Pablo Cubarle, a freelance editor, who has released a updated render of the Cybertruck with these modifications. 

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