Realme G1 may be in works and arrive in India soon, spotted on company site


Realme may be planning to launch a new series of phones, and the first one of them may be called Realme G1. According to tipster Mukul Sharma, the Realme website shows Realme G1 as a phone that could be in the pipeline. The information on specifications or anything else has not got out, but the screenshot that Sharma shared hints the Realme G1 may arrive in India soon. The Realme G1 could be a mid-range phone, which is not even available in China right now.

Sharma’s tweet only highlights that the Realme G1 kind of exists because the Realme India website has it. The screenshot also shows the Realme 3i along with the Rs 8,000 price. The Realme 3i is a pretty old phone from the number series. Along with the Realme 3i, the screenshot shows Realme G1 mentioned three times, but without any trinkets that may tell us about what this phone is all about if it exists. While there is a possibility the Realme G1 may happen in the near future, it is also possible that this is a placeholder and that Realme will change the name of this phone from G1 to something else.

At the global 5G summit, Realme announced the way its smartphones will be positioned going forward. This was a much-needed hierarchy because Realme’s phones are kind of in a mess. There is no order to them. So, the new Realme hierarchy states that the Realme number series will be for the masses and bring 5G to people. Then, there will be the Narzo series that will bring 5G but alongside a bunch of other stuff, especially focused on gaming. And finally, there will be the Realme GT series sitting on the flagship rung on the ladder. There is no mention of a G-series in the hierarchy, which is why it is a little tough to understand what price and specifications the Realme G1 will come with.

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In the lack of any extra information, we can do nothing but assume what the phone will be like. Will it be a budget phone that will kind of follow the lead of Realme 3i? Or, will it be a mid-range phone that will be more like the Realme 7 Pro or the Realme X7? I am not sure at this point, but I hope Realme has a plan on how the G1 will come about and what consumers it will target, rather than being a mix of features borrowed from here and there.

In other news, Realme is going to launch the Narzo 30 4G, Narzo 30 5G, Realme Buds Q2, and Realme 32-inch Smart TV on June 24 in India. The company has scheduled an event at 12.30 pm later this week to announce the new products, three of which are already available elsewhere. The Realme Narzo 30 4G debuted in Malaysia while the Narzo 30 5G arrived in Europe earlier this year. The Realme Buds Q2 seems to be a rebranded Buds 2 Neo that also debuted in Malaysia sometime back.