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London, UK, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PresaleWorld, a brand new platform, has been unveiled this week within the purpose to permit traders to search out initiatives from a number of launchpads with ease. The unique platform permits traders and challenge house owners to view and type presales from an array of popular DeFi launchpads with the press of a button, relatively than trawling the web and scrolling by lists of unorganized content material.

Currently, it has built-in quite a few prime launchpads, together with GemPad, Unicrypt, DxSale, CookieSale, and PinkSale. According to the CEO, “We aim to add more launchpads in the future as they rise in popularity to give investors the easiest method to find the next groundbreaking project.”

It is usually difficult to watch how presales fare throughout the market as the recognition of launchpads fluctuate. Investors have to remain up-to-speed with the rise and fall of a platform so as to discover the subsequent “mind-blowing project”. Not only that but a large portion of investors don’t know where to begin.

The platform itself has a simple and intuitive dashboard, where investors can get immediate access to view the most popular presales. From here, they are also able to filter, check the status, and sort these presales according to their preferences.

Another key feature presents presales from across the market that have raised the most USD in the past hour on a trending bar. The purpose is said to give investors a simple and informative snapshot on what is happening in the market.

$PRESALE Tokenomics 

PresaleWorld have announced a public presale of its $PRESALE token, which allows anyone to invest into the birth of the platform. The platform itself helps prop up the token by investing 1% of all funds raised on PresaleWorld into the $PRESALE token itself.

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The total supply of the $PRESALE token is 100,000,000. Interested investors can participate in the presale here.

About PresaleWorld

Ant, Jon, and Col are the founding members of PresaleWorld. Col has more than 30 years of experience in the traditional business and banking industries, and Ant and Jon have successfully run a cryptocurrency incubator/marketing agency since 2020.

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