KITES Senior Care Launches Super Specialized Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care Centre for Elders


KITES Senior Care, a geriatric care specialist, unveiled an exclusive Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care centre in Bangalore. The new facility is equipped with 24 beds and provides Residential Care, Day Care, Memory Clinic and Family Counselling Services for elders with Dementia & Alzheimer’s. This is in addition to the existing 24-bed eldercare centre in South Bangalore and a 40-bed facility in North Bangalore providing transitional and palliative care services.

Dementia is the most common type of disability and dependency in older people worldwide. It has a physical, psychological, social, and economic impact, not only on people with dementia, but also on their careers, families and society at large. An estimated 53 lakh elders in India, and approximately three lakh elders in Karnataka, suffer from dementia.

The Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care centre, located in HBR Layout in North Bengaluru, will be led by a team of highly specialized and well trained medical experts. The facility is equipped with Superior Rooms, State of the art Medical facilities, Consultation rooms, Counselling rooms, Yoga & Exercise Hall, Cafeteria, Activity Zone, Library, Prayer room and a Terrace Lawn. All care facilities are designed by healthcare architects in collaboration with the expert medical team which is compliant to regulations and most importantly keeps patients’ safety at the core.

Dr Reema N, Group Medical Director & COO, KITES Senior Care said, “Globally, India houses the second most number of individuals suffering from dementia. This number is expected to double by 2035. And yet, as a nation, we are under-served to provide the right care for this illness. It is the most common type of disability and dependency in older people worldwide as well. By setting up this dementia care centre, we want to take a step to help address this situation.”

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Dr Reema N, Group Medical Director & COO of KITES Senior Care further added, “out of the 1.3bn population of India, 11 crore people are over the age of 65 years. This number will grow to 24 crore by 2040, making elderly care an essential service to be available.

KITES Senior Care has received ‘Pre-Series A’ funding of Rs. 4 crores and is looking at raising more capital to fund infrastructure expansion. The brand is also looking to expand across more cities in India by the end of the year.