Interesting Machines You May Not Know About

Interesting Machines

Technology is as useful as it is fascinating, especially given the speed at which the face of technology tends to evolve and change. This speed of innovation gives rise to a variety of useful products that are often entirely missed by their target audience simply because of the speed of their creation and the brevity of their existence. This article aims to highlight a handful of devices that you might not know about, but which are especially useful.

Automatic Lawn Mower

One incredibly useful innovation in terms of automated house-keeping is the invention of the automatic lawn mower. This wonderfully fun little device will keep your grass down at a reasonable level, meaning you don’t have to dedicate the time to cutting the grass yourself. This style of innovation is similar to that of the robot vacuum cleaner, but, unfortunately, the automatic lawn mower has not gained the same level of popularity.

Motion Sensor Night Lights

Another fascinating and surprisingly useful product is the motion sensor night light. This is a light that, when it senses you walk past, lights up to provide light in your area. In fact, you can even set up a relay making it so that you can have an entire hallway light up when you trigger the first sensor. This is incredibly helpful in lighting hallways at night, perhaps if you need the bathroom or simply want to check up on the house.

Pneumatic Devices

An interesting variety of device that is not often discussed are devices that are powered through the use of compressed air or other gasses. RS pneumatics are fantastically useful devices that cover a range of products, although typically they fall in the line of mechanical work, such as jackhammers and compressed-air engines. The use of pneumatic power in such machines is often far more convenient than using electrical power, making the innovation highly useful.

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Remote-Controlled Drones

Drones are a feat of mechanical engineering that is at once incredibly impressive and unspeakably cool, which means that the possibility of owning your own remote controlled drone is almost too good to be true. Fortunately, they are real and you can actually get yourself a remote controlled drone fairly easily, allowing you to enjoy the experience of owning your very own flying drone.

Smart Monitors

Finally, another interesting piece of technological innovation lies in smart monitors that allow you to connect a monitor to your laptop through a USB-C cable that will also power the monitor. This is a fantastic innovation as it allows you to easily add an additional monitor to your laptop, making a work setup much more feasible using a laptop as the base machine, not to mention more portable as you only need a single cable to set your smart monitor up with your laptop. Further, you can also connect to the monitor through your smart phone which means you can use it to stream any kind of entertaining content you might want, making the monitor an excellent entertainment option too.