Celusion’s Unified Account Opening Solution Significantly Increases Conversion Ratio in BFSI Sector


Celusion Technologies has developed a unified account opening solution that allows customers to onboard and instantly activate their accounts in under 15 minutes. The software solution provider leverages cutting-edge technology to
develop enterprise applications that create new value in customer experiences and core operations for the Banking and Financial Services industry.

The firm’s solution equips banks, financial co-operations, stockbroking companies, insurance companies to transform their customer acquisition processes into a fully digital channel augmented by real-time regulatory checks and artificial intelligence for fraud detection. Celusion Technologies connects direct customers, sales, operations, channel partners, and credit teams, hence reducing the time to onboard a customer with enhanced due diligence and credit decisions.

The Unified Account Opening solution uses seamless API integrations to aggregate leads & applications generated from various sources. In addition to direct customer applications on a website, by extending the number of relevant channels, the
integrations will increase leads 5x and more, while also ensuring the marketing spends will be better utilised, thereby increasing the conversion ratio and ROI.

Furthermore, features of the software allow customers to start the journey directly from marketing banner lead forms.
The technology’s proven track record proves their marketing funnel converts better than traditional avenues. This includes in-depth analytics through integration with various analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, and AppDynamics. The
offerings also include journey and resource optimisation, global applications reports, and drop-off and rejection analysis reports, to identify exact pain points, resolve them, and onboard customers faster.

When reached for comment, MD & CEO of Celusion Technologies, Praveen Paulose said, “Stakeholders are far more interested in results rather than just the number of new features and our offering ensures that marketing dollars spent by brands will be much better utilized than ever before. The solution will greatly benefit businesses by increasing the conversion ratio.”

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As a testament to their effectiveness, Celusion Technologies has been awarded four new contracts during the lockdown from large finance companies. The company has also been nominated in the Top 10 in the Global category of MAS Fintech Awards at
the Singapore Fintech Festival 2020 and also was selected to showcase their products in the Korea Fintech Week 2021. The core offerings include Unified Account Opening, Digital Loan Origination System, Sales Force Automation, Video
KYC and Financial API Gateway.