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India’s Pravaig Emerges From Stealth Mode With Extinction MKII


9 years ago when most people in India didn’t know who Elon Musk or Tesla were, there came a startup which wanted to kickstart the electric car trend in India – its name was Pravaig. But in the last 9 years, the company has been barely visible, that is up until now. Pravaig has shared a concept render of its upcoming vehicle called the Extinction MKII which will also have features that are relevant to the Indian audience. 

One of the tentpoles of this new vehicle is a massive battery – 155 kWh which will deploy superb performance but more importantly good range for the mileage crazy Indian customer.

Pravaig says this car will provide a range of 504 kilometres and will achieve 300 kilometres of charge in 30 minutes. That’s impressive! More so, it will be able to go from 0-100 kmph in just 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 196 kmph. 

The most interesting thing about this vehicle is that it isn’t being pitched as something that the average consumer will be able to buy. It has been purpose-built for operation on fleet services 

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