Getting past health problems


    Health problems are one of the biggest frustrations we all have to deal with. For businesses, it is even mo
    re frustrating as employees end up taking time off work and the company loses productivity.

    So what can you do to reduce the risk of a personal injury happening at work and keep your colleagues as healthy as possible?

    Identify risks

    All workplaces will present certain risks – some more than others. We all know that construction sites have a significant amount of risks present – including large vehicles, moving objects and heavy machinery – but offices can also be a danger to workers. After all, wires can be a trip hazard and those shiny floors can be very slippery.

    This is why it’s essential to carry out a risk assessment in your workplace. You’ll need to identify the risks posed by various pieces of equipment, appliances and even the building itself. Each assessment will be unique, based on the specific environment your business operates in.

    Each country will have its own requirements for these risk assessments, so seek out assistance from the body responsible for health and safety in your country.

    Encourage health

    Some people are healthier than others. This is down to a number of factors, largely lifestyle-related. This means that to keep people as healthy as possible, you might want to start encouraging this kind of approach within your workforce.

    Consider how many of your workers smoke. There is so much evidence showing that smokers are less healthy than their non-smoking peers that it makes sense to encourage your teams to quit. Provide help for those who want to quit and consider making it less appealing to go for a cigarette while at work.

    You may also want to encourage team members to engage in healthy activities. You could think about getting people interested in participating in charity runs or organising sporting activities through work. You could also offer discounted or free gym memberships and provide healthy food as an alternative snack in the workplace.

    Minimise stress

    Stress can be one of the top reasons people end up missing work, particularly if that stress is being caused by their job. According to research by UK charity Mind, some 60% of employees said they would be more motivated at work and more likely recommend their company as a good place to work if it supported mental wellbeing.

    Try to encourage openness across your workplace. Talk to workers and find out how they’re doing. Give your employees a chance to air their views and actually listen to their concerns. You may need to involve your company’s leaders as you may not be able to speak to everyone.

    Encourage managers to help workers who may be struggling with their mental health. If they’re worried about not doing their jobs correctly, think about appointing a mentor. If they’re concerned about their work-life balance, you may need to gather more opinions to find out if this is a common worry. You may find that you will need to take action.

    Whatever you decide to do to boost the general health among your workforce, ensure you do it with transparency and good communication. Your openness will help to convince your workforce that you care about their wellbeing.

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