Gambling or crypto investing: What is the difference?


There is a common misconception that crypto gambling and investing are similar, however, the truth is that the two activities could not actually be further apart than they actually are. Of course, one of the major reasons why so many will have the opinion that the two activities are the same, or at the very least, can be described as being the same thing is down to the amount of risk that can be involved.

Ever since cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum became attractive prospects within the market, there has been an abundance of interest in the virtual currency world. This is largely down to the returns many of the coins can provide, with some of them able to provide those that do buy into them with the potential opportunity to earn thousands. However, those that do decide to buy into the various tokens that are available will fit into the category of being investors, especially if their main aim is to see the price increase and then sell it off after a period of time for a profit. Those that gamble with coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum at cryptocurrency casino, though, will also encounter a huge amount of benefits but that is because they are using the virtual tokens to play a plethora of different games and place a number of different bets at an online casino in order to try and turn a quick profit.

The article is a perfect tool for those who are looking to learn the difference between crypto gambling and crypto investing in more detail, as they go on to explain each of the differences that can be found between gambling and investing with crypto.

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Risk in Gambling is different to Investment risk

As detailed before, the risk that is attached to the gambling aspect comes from an element of chance and randomness, as the outcome of a game – whether it be a card game, a table game, a slot machine, or a dice-throwing game – is completely random, therefore being unpredictable. The risk associated with investing – across all different forms including crypto – is completely different as there are documents that can help an individual or a company to try and predict what will happen in the future, whilst also helping them to eliminate the possibility of risk as much as possible, although it is impossible to fully eliminate it.

Investors are able to access a range of information in regards to crypto trading, with financial statements, past records and trends that can all be looked at over a historical period that can help make educated predictions and projections about what might happen in the future. Perhaps the only similarity in regards to risk between investing and gambling with crypto is that the individual has control over the decisions that they make, such as when to invest or play, but once that has been done, the control is completely out of their hands.

Investing has specific goals whereas gambling has one main aim

Whilst it can be easy to say that the main idea of investing and gambling is to try and make the most money possible and be in a position whereby the initial outlay is now insignificant to the returns that have been made, it would be wrong in a sense, as well. Those that are interested in crypto investing and other various markets will generally have some very specific goals in which they are trying to accomplish. These can include things such as the rate of return, the time it takes, and the risk levels. Furthermore, the investment is seen as a way of acquiring money that can benefit them in later life, with a life event perhaps the goal. Those that gamble generally look for a quick way to make additional revenue, as they look to try and win a bet without having to wait too long for it to happen. In fact, there is a suggestion that whilst gambling can be exciting, investing is really boring when it is completed really well!