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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ESP Logistics Technology (“ESP”), a company dedicated to providing mapping, analytics, and alerting capabilities through its cloud-based geospatial platform, announced that it has entered a multi-year agreement with Honeywell. ESP’s advanced aircraft mapping and tracking software suite will provide Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracker customers a seamless user experience in which to track and communicate with their aviation assets globally.

“We are excited to enter into this partnership with Honeywell, the world’s leading provider of aerospace technology,” said Brian Smith, co-founder and CPO of ESP. “Partnering with Honeywell gives us the opportunity to rapidly deploy the ESP Aviation solution across North America and the world.”

ESP Aviation’s interface is designed to be intuitive and scalable, providing Honeywell and its customers with advanced tools to manage and track their fleets seamlessly. Because everything in the world occupies space and time, ESP uses a network-based platform to flexibly work in any real-world scenario.

“The ESP platform provides capabilities that enable predictive analytics, anticipation of problems with the movement of aircraft, and to take corrective action if a flight diverges from plan,” said Erik Benson, co-founder and CTO of ESP. The ability to track and manage aircraft fleets has increased exponentially through technology, putting ESP at the nexus of the right time and place for its aviation offering.

About ESP Logistics Technology
ESP’s mission is to connect the Global Supply Chain through its cloud-based geospatial platform that exponentially increases productivity via real-time location intelligence and end-to-end visibility while reducing environmental impact. The flow of goods, from manufacturing to air and shipping to warehousing and trucking, is a connected ecosystem that currently exists in disparate silos. With services that include geospatial technology and building a data pipeline, the vision is to unearth insights to unlock flow in the logistics and supply chain industries. For more information, visit

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