Avoiding accidents at work


    When you run a business, you’re responsible for everyone’s safety. That means that you need to take the necessary precautions to identify hazards and minimise the risks they pose.

    You need to ensure you’re doing all you can to avoid anyone suffering an accident at work. This will help keep your workforce healthy and productive, which can also contribute to motivation levels.

    When looking at health and safety in the workplace, you’ll already know the main points – from ensuring fire safety to providing personal protective equipment. But there are a number of other issues to look at when considering employee safety.

    So what can you do to keep your employees safe at work?

    Install appropriate lighting

    If there are any areas of your business without appropriate lighting, you will have to address this. These sorts of areas pose significant dangers to employees. If your workers can’t see what they’re doing, the potential for an accident and resulting injury shoots up.

    Carry out a lighting audit within your workplace and identify all the areas where you might to improve the level of light. Make sure you’re getting your team’s thoughts and opinions. They’ll likely know the areas they work in better than you, so their insights can be invaluable.

    Pay attention to the small things

    Don’t neglect the small things. Mopping up a spill can mean someone avoids a slip. Putting boxes away can mean someone avoids a trip. Keeping drawers closed can mean someone avoids a knock and bruise.

    You’ll need to ensure everyone in the business buys into the importance of keeping work environments clear of hazards. Let them know why you’re focusing on these seemingly small things. If your team can understand the importance of good housekeeping within the workplace; they’ll be more likely to adhere to guidance.

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    Send out your advice to employees on what to do in certain situations, including those that seem insignificant, such as a spilt coffee. Link it to your firm’s advice on what to do for more serious situations, like guidance on manual handling and working at heights. Get the point across that even these small actions are vital to keeping everyone safe and healthy at work.

    Reduce stress levels

    If your employees are struggling to manage their stress levels, they’ll be less likely to pay the necessary attention to certain tasks that could end up causing an accident. This is why it’s important to keep stress levels down at work. When people are burnt out, they can’t offer their best at work. So maintaining productivity can be an added bonus of reducing people’s stress levels.

    Regular surveys into workplace stress levels and job satisfaction could give you an insight into how your team is feeling about work. Find out what they’re concerned about – whether these are related to the business, their roles or colleagues. This can help you establish what your business can do to reduce stress levels and make working life easier for your employees.

    Businesses are under a huge amount of pressure to keep employees motivated to do their best. Providing them with the most conducive environment will go a long way towards keeping everyone safe and helping your company’s bottom line.


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