Same-Day Discharge Angioplasty, saving time and cost, a first in central India by Apollo Hospitals, Indore


Apollo Hospitals, Indore marked a key milestone by performing the first-day care or Same Day Angioplasty in 69-year-old males. Daycare or Day Stay procedures cut the hospital stay of a patient significantly and allow the patient to be back in the comfort of their homes the same day. 

Angioplasty involves mechanically widening the narrowed or obstructed arteries. The patient Mr. Radhavallabh Tank had been diagnosed with a blocked coronary vessel causing breathlessness, and heaviness in the chest and was advised angioplasty. Angioplasty, which is a procedure is routinely performed at major tertiary care hospitals and entails a two to three-day-long stay in the hospital.  

In a first in central India, doctors at the Vijay Nagar based Apollo Hospitals performed radial angioplasty.  Dr K Hari Prasad, President, Apollo Group Hospitals, said, “Apollo Hospitals has always been at the forefront when it comes to bringing in cutting-edge medical technology that helps provide the best of services to outpatients’, In the current time, we are seeing an increase in patients seeking shorter hospital stay and faster recovery which today is made easy by the advancement in imaging
technology, robotics, clinical and intervention techniques.

We are proud of the work Dr. Roshan and Dr Sarita has made to the field of Intervention Cardiology for the region and day care Angioplasty is yet another important milestone” 

Dr Sarita Rao, Sr. Consultant, Said ‘As we have seen the pandemic and the scarcity of beds and a deadly virus disease which killed millions worldwide due to lack of beds and hospital infrastructure has again led is to think the way we can reduce the use of beds occupancy and other facilities utilization and an early discharge is one of the easiest thing to be adopted so as to avoid such situations in future. 
At Apollo, we try to change the way cardiac care is delivered and we believe these baby steps lead to a giant leap. Dr Roshan Rao, Senior Consultant and Head, Department Of Cardiology, said ‘Patient safety has always been and will continue to be of the highest priority when we decide between discharging patients undergoing elective low‐risk PCI the same day as their procedure or admitting them for overnight observation.  

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Widespread adoption of Same-Day Discharge Angioplasty will likely translate to systemic cost savings and greater patient satisfaction and hopefully prevent overuse of inpatient hospital beds reserved for higher‐acuity patients who may be waiting for admission. 
Dr Ashok Bajpai, Sr. Consultant and Director, shared, day-care Angioplasty procedure was extremely rare and was possible with excellent coordination among all departments in the hospital. The procedure can be carried out only in a minority of patients with definite indications and parameters like normal or near-normal pumping function of the heart, absence of multi-
vessel disease or severe co-morbid conditions.