Amidst Rising Chronic Lifestyle Illnesses Country Gets its First Functional & Bio-Regulatory Medicine Centre


Amidst Rising Chronic Lifestyle Illnesses Country Gets its First Functional & Bio-Regulatory Medicine Centre

Daivam Wellness, a company focused in the areas of pro-active well-being, longevity, mindfulness, and health consciousness has kick-started operations in Gurugram, with the launch of its Functional Bio-regulatory Medicine Center for Chronic Disease Reversal. The centre will facilitate the reversal of various diseases and illnesses and promote the concept of holistic living through preventing future sicknesses, in order to enable people to live a happy, fulfilled, and healthy life in the most nature-inspired method.

The key methodology deployed by the centre revolves around “The Daivam Way”, which not only treats the symptoms of any disease but focuses on finding the root causes of the imbalances and sufferings of the mind and body. Further, Daivam follows a long-term scientific evidence-based approach to ensure one remains in perfect health throughout their lives. 

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Alok Chopra, Founder and Medical Director, Daivam Wellness said, “At Daivam we have a science-driven, system biology-medicine approach which looks at the whole person, the exposures and how their gene expression is controlled by lifestyle, nutrition, environment, and mental attitudes. We have developed a new GPS to navigate you through the newly created roadmap of chronic illnesses. Our goal is to restore the body’s natural balance and create an environment of harmony within our bio-regulatory systems so that the body can operate, heal, and maintain itself.”

Dr. Alok further explains that their technology is based on nine basic tenets, including customised nutrition plans based on genetics, epigenetics, comorbidities, and age of the patients; bringing a balance in the gut microbiome to ensure optimum digestion; reducing inflammation; detoxification- using treatments such as infra-red saunas, hyperbaric oxygen and ozone therapy; improving metabolic processes of the body; restoring body’s hormonal balance; restoring structural integrity by analysing sitting, sleeping positions and postures; restoring psychospiritual integrity and lastly changing gene expression by optimizing epigenetic changes.

Elucidating on the ‘wholistic’ healing mechanism at Daivam, Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Founder & CEO, Daivam Wellness  Said “Daivam has developed an approach of collecting and analyzing the client’s key data along with other health dynamics through various tests. Thereafter, an integrated treatment plan is suggested for them and our highly experienced team of doctors, award-winning software, and trained wellness coaches continuously monitor the progress of our clients’ health. Over time, they are further empowered with the knowledge to remain healthy and experience true well-being. Daivam has cultivated a thinktank of over 30 international global experts, practising and researching biological, functional medicine across 14 countries and have a combined experience of 900 + years of Medical Research, which is a key asset of Daivam.”

Daivam Wellness offers dedicated services and treatments for patients with heart diseases, gut problems, hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction, cancer, autoimmune diseases, obesity, depression and anxiety, toxicity, and various other types of illnesses.

Commenting on the launch of DaivamWellness, Dr Anand Burman,  Chairman Emeritus, Dabur Group said, “Traditional Medicine and it’s the power to bring about healing has always been a goal that we have worked towards promoting. By investing in, and partnering with Daivam through my family office, we are now going a step further to enable and enhance healing and wellness by numerous scientifically backed, nature-based treatments and therapies. Today people are becoming more and more conscious of their health, and their lifestyle and this approach is certainly the way forward. In future, we will expand on the number of centres in various formats in different geographies


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