A Dream of One, Changing Lives by Mr. Gurdeep Singh,


The Jujhar Group is a multidimensional conglomerate headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab. Headed by
Chairman S Gurdeep Singh, a pioneer of the Indian Transport industry, the Jujhar Group has an enviable
market leadership position in its many verticals and has an impressive customer base in growing sectors
namely Logistics, Entertainment, Broadband, Media, News Channel, Real Estate, Infrastructure and
It owes its success and leadership position to its core philosophy of “touching every aspect of people’s
lives with high quality products and unparalleled service”, which has been a guiding principle for the
group’s sustainable growth for over three decades.
With its roots in Punjab, Jujhar is a well-diversified group of sound companies having a shared mission
and values aimed at making life better. Our businesses deliver quality offerings and reliable service
across 150 million touch points every day. From bringing a myriad of TV channels to over 75% of
households in Punjab, enabling high-speed internet for smart-living and delivering everyday essential
goods, to using luxury transportation to make road travel as smooth as business class and developing
integrated townships for refined living, Jujhar Group takes pride in consistently receiving high marks for
the services we offer.
Among the most admired organizations across the nation. Jujhar Group will always be admired for
Empowering our stakeholders, Being trustworthy and dependable, Being professional and progressive,
Being sensitive to our environment Group actively contributes towards making people’s lives happier and
more convenient and constantly seek and deploy the latest technologies to deliver the best and most
advanced services.

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