88% of Inter-city travellers keen to experience Premium Electric Buses


Mumbai, 18 th July 2022: NueGo travel insights, focused on intercity Indian bus travelers, has
revealed that while 96% of the respondents liked the concept of a premium electric bus and
91% found it unique, 88% looked forward to the experience that a premium electric bus would
provide. Additionally, there is also a high willingness to pay a premium for these buses as 77%
travellers stated they are willing to pay premium for premium electric bus travel.
The research findings are part of the first of its kind interview-based study with over 2800
respondents across 10 cities conducted by NueGo, the flagship inter-city electric mobility coach
brand of GreenCell Mobility. In partnership with Kantar, the world’s leading insights and
consulting company the study was aimed at understanding the needs of the Indian inter-city
traveller. The study included multiple bus traveller segments- Premium AC, Affordable AC, Non-
AC, using both qualitative and quantitative research.
With respect to bus travel the new age traveller also expects a connected experience.
‘Technologically advanced’ is among the top 5 reasons driving preference for a particular bus
brand and 62% say availability of charging points in buses is a must- have. Bus travellers also
want to be constantly updated on the bus status with majority expecting intimation on
schedule, delays, etc. to be a ‘must have’ as a part of the service offerings.
Post COVID-19, along with more consumers seeking Safety and Hygiene compared to before,
another key trend observed is that travelers see the need for cleaner transportation options.
With increasing awareness of the climate crisis, the new age Indian is open to embrace the
change to green travel.
Speaking on the offering, Satish Mandhana, Director, GreenCell Mobility said, “Traditionally,
intercity travel using bus as a mode of travel has been a remote consideration for intercity
travellers. Today, consumers are looking for safety, timeliness, cleanliness, good riding
experience and value for money for their travel options. NueGo – electric buses with its
climate-friendly silent rides, brilliant basics which are at par with Global standards, superior
customer service, and competitive pricing aims to make NueGo a preferred mode of intercity
A unique service offering, NueGo buses will be fitted with innovative technology and offer end
to end convenience through customer lounges, app bookings, live tracking, and seamless
customer experience.

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