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Wonderchef starts the ‘Book a demo’ service


Thousands of women from challenging backgrounds to be the flag bearers of the new initiative
New Delhi| June 2022| Wonderchef, India’s leading home and kitchen appliances brand has
started the ‘Book a demo’ service for home and kitchenware lovers in the country. The ‘Book a
demo’ service by Wonderchef is available pan India and is the first of its kind in the category.
The service is fulfilled by a network of ‘Direct to home’ (DTH) women entrepreneurs who take
the request and provide the demo to the customers in the comfort of their homes. The E-demo
service is also available virtually on a video call. 
Wonderchef has set up the entire backend infrastructure to provide a hassle-free and thorough
experience to its customers. The customers can book the demo by filing a request form on the
website which asks for the basic information such as the customer’s name, address, and date
for the demo. The request automatically gets forwarded to the nearest DTH member who
would provide the demo, personally or on Video call, as per the customer’s convenience. 
Elaborating on this innovative concept launched by the company, Mr. Ravi Saxena, MD,
Wonderchef said, “Wonderchef has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation.
With this new innovative ‘Book a demo’ service, we are not only enhancing the customer
experience by letting them try and experience the real product before actually buying it, but
also are promoting thousands of women entrepreneurs to become confident salespersons and
elevate their skill set which will eventually translate to rise in their incomes. The service is the
first of its kind in the homeware and kitchenware category and is all set to change the customer
experience in the section. Most importantly, this service will be a gamechanger in the lives of
thousands of women, most of whom come from challenging backgrounds and sometimes are
the sole bread earners of their families. The ‘Book a demo’ initiative by Wonderchef will
empower these to make a living without compromising their family responsibilities.”
Wonderchef has a network of around 70000 women entrepreneurs across India. The company
provides these women with the training, mentoring, tools, and sales support to become
confident individuals with a definitive direction in life. The ‘Book a demo’ initiative is yet
another step from Wonderchef towards women empowerment and social welfare.
Indulge yourself in the luxury and comfort with delightful Wonderchef products by availing the
‘Book a demo’ service and be a part of the women empowerment initiative.