Why this IT firm led by ex-Google employee is looking to hire 1,000 techies in India

    Fluxon, established in San Francisco in 2017, is now eyeing

    Fluxon, established in San Francisco in 2017, is now eyeing

    Fluxon, established in San Francisco in 2017, is now eyeing to expand its presence in India and other countries as well.


    The Covid pandemic forced many businesses across the globe to shut down. The Covid-induced lockdown had a devastating impact on economies with shops, transport services and business houses being hit hard. The impact that the lockdown had can be gauged from the fact that even the biggest brands across various spectrums were compelled to take harsh decisions of cutting down their workforce or slashing salary. Amid the gloom, there were some firms who explored new opportunities in adversity. One such company was Fluxon which actually doubled the number of clients in the last 18 months. Started in San Francisco in 2017 by a team of leaders from Google and other top tech companies, Fluxon is now eyeing to expand its presence in India and other countries as well. Company’s CEO Erad Fridman, who led a team of 80+ Product Managers, Engineers, and Designers at Google and has also led a software engineering team in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, revealed his big plans for India and the road ahead for Fluxon. Here’s what Fridman had to say:

    When you say that you plan to scale your hiring, what chunk of it is expected in India?

    We’re adding 1,000 employees to our team in India over the next few years – that equates to around a third of our global team growth. We started operations in India in 2019, and were humbled by the impressive tech talent we saw in the market. The combination of strong technology talent and education, and the growing start-up culture, makes India a very exciting place for us to take our company to the next stage.

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    Any particular skill set that you are looking for in India?

    We’re primarily hiring experienced technical teams in functions across Engineering, Product & Design. We seek out highly-motivated individuals with the intellectual flexibility and growth mindset needed to collaborate across domains. The Fluxon team comes from all backgrounds, with expertise across disciplines and industries: we have leaders from large companies such as Google, Samsung and Stripe, as well as successful startup backgrounds. 

    Besides creating jobs, what business opportunities does Fluxon envision in India?

    We hire the brightest talents in technology and connect them with high-growth companies that offer exciting projects. Fluxon has already been working with a number of Silicon Valley-based fast-growing companies and startups, but we view India as a critical market where we can discover the best talent and create impactful business opportunities to work on. We have already started working on exciting projects with Indian companies such as iMerit.

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    Fluxon CEO Erad Fridman


    Is there a roadmap to engage with stakeholders across different sectors like health, education, etc?

    We believe that strong engineering teams can work across any industry. Our fast-paced teams bring robust technical expertise and a problem-solving approach to many different sectors from healthcare to finance to tech, and incorporate their learnings across these industries.

    However, some industries require specialized knowledge. For example, in highly-regulated sectors like healthcare, Fluxon has built strong expertise, applying the best product and engineering methodologies to launch secure, scalable, and intuitive software in compliance with HIPAA regulations. One example is our work with Agilon Health, a high-growth startup that’s transforming primary care for seniors. We launched a robust business intelligence system that allowed Agilon Health to scale operations and deliver crucial metrics to primary care physicians, improving value-based care to every patient.

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    Why should budding techies join you against established firms?

    A recent survey conducted at Fluxon asked all employees why they chose to work with us. The findings showed that many had turned down offers from larger tech companies because they feel they can learn more at Fluxon. We help them be the best at what they do. We work on cutting-edge technology, with modern stacks, effective processes and a highly transparent and open environment. We have had a diverse portfolio of client work that keeps our teams challenged, interested and continuously learning new technologies. Our teams get to become the founding tech teams of the next generation of high-growth startups without putting their career at stake.

    How has the pandemic impacted your operations globally?

    From the start, Fluxon has been a global and remote-first company, so we’re very fortunate that the pandemic did not impact our operations. Over the last 18 months, we doubled our number of clients and our team and revenue grew 4X. Our team members live all over the world, and can do great work from anywhere so working remotely is our strong suit. We’ve built a culture that supports this model, providing the right tools, processes and values needed to set remote teams up for success.

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