WhatsApp will automatically enable multi-device support for some users


WhatsApp had rolled out the multi-device support for selected users a couple of months ago. During the initial rollout phases, beta testers were allowed to join the Multi-device beta to use WhatsApp on up to four linked devices and one phone at the same time. However, WhatsApp might not let the feature remain opt-in now, the messaging app has reportedly removed the opt-in feature and enabled multi-device automatically for beta testers.

“Probably some people already discovered the news, but it’s finally rolling out for more beta testers after installing the update. But what’s really changing? The option to opt-out of the multi-device beta program has been removed. As you can see in this screenshot, the row “Multi-device beta” is disappeared: this means that those users cannot leave the multi-device beta program anymore.If you didn’t join the multi-device beta, and the changes are applied to your WhatsApp account too, this update logged out all your linked devices, so you can relink them again using multi-device, which has been automatically enabled for your WhatsApp account,” Wabetinfo report said.

The feature to connect devices without the primary smartphone is in the beta stage. This is an opt-in feature that is labelled as “Beta” in the Linked Devices option in the Settings menu on WhatsApp. If you enable the option, you will be unlinked from all devices. After the fresh linking, you would be able to use it like before. Things will be a little different this time as you would not require your smartphone for the login. You will not have to keep the phone near your laptop and make sure it is online before using WhatsApp Web. The linked devices will be able to receive and send messages up to 14 days if you don’t manually log out.

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The feature would be extremely useful in scenarios where you may lose your smartphone but need WhatsApp to stay connected. This would also be helpful when the smartphone runs out of battery, but you are near a linked computer. However, in the iOS version of the app, you will not be able to delete messages or conversation threads from a linked device. You also cannot link a secondary smartphone or a tablet to the primary device. You can only link your primary smartphone to the laptop. However, this is only the case with iOS, Android users can link their devices to secondary smartphones.