WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Collect Much More User Data Than Other Messaging Apps, Reveal Apple’s Privacy Labels


WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger collect a vast amount of user information and data compared to other popular messaging apps including Signal and Telegram, Apple’s privacy labels update revealed. Both apps owned by Facebook collect usage data and location details which are the cases with other apps. In contrast, Signal comes as the most private messaging app that doesn’t collect any user data, as per the privacy details highlighted on the App Store. Facebook has earlier criticised Apple’s move to display privacy labels.

The details available on the App Store shows that Facebook Messenger leads when it comes to user data collection, followed by WhatsApp. The list of data both apps collect includes users’ purchase history, financial information, location details, contacts, phone number, email address, and usage data, among others.

At a time when people are expressing concerns about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy changes, which you have to accept or your account will be deleted, it’s interesting to note all the data that the app, which has 400 million users in India alone, is collecting.

An image shared by 9to5Mac provides a clear breakup of what all the data WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger collect — in comparison with iMessage, Signal, and Telegram. You can see these details on the App Store yourself if you have an iPhone.

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