WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram restore services after facing global outage of 6 hours


WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are finally up and running after suffering a massive outage of six hours globally. It was like a black day for the Internet with none of the major apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram working. Users thronged to Twitter to report the issues they were facing with the Facebook-owned apps. However, after the longest-ever outage, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are functional again.

Talking about the same, Will Cathcart, WhatsApp said, “We’re entirely back up and running now. We know that people were unable to use @WhatsApp to connect with their friends, family, businesses, community groups, and more today — a humbling reminder of how much people and organizations rely on our app every day. We take our mission seriously, and I’m grateful to everyone who worked hard to bring our service back with the reliability you expect from @WhatsApp. We’ll learn and grow from this, and continue working to provide you with a simple, secure, and reliable private messaging app.”

As per down detector, the outage started at around 9 pm on Monday. Several users were unable to access their WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Facebook and Instagram failed to load and refresh the feed while people were unable to send and receive messages on WhatsApp. Many users delete their apps and reinstalled it again thinking the issue was with the app but nothing happen even after they reinstalled the app.

The outage reports started coming in at around 8.45pm (IST) for WhatsApp on website downdetector.com. The website which reports on website traffic also reported that Facebook was also inaccessible to several users across the world from 8.57pm (IST).