What Is The Best Way To Buy Ripple?


First of all, let’s find out what Ripple is. It is one of the most popular digital currencies on top cryptos in rankings, as well as the entire platform that facilitates the work of payment systems and actually aims to replace outdated payment methods like SWIFT. 

The project was founded by the Ripple Labs developers, who aimed to create an absolutely safe platform for instant transactions with low fees. That’s something groundbreaking for old good payment systems we all got used to. And the main reasons are:

  • high transaction speed
  • low fees
  • no intermediaries.

The Ripple platform was built on the blockchain; there is no chance to undo transactions. However, it is not a regular blockchain platform – the basic principle of the Ripple network is agreements made between parties (smart contracts). A key feature is lightning-fast ledger updates, so payments proceed very quickly.

Buy Ripple Crypto

XRP is the platform’s token. All the tokens were issued at the moment of the platform’s launch. The total number of XRP is 100 billion. Since the number of tokens issued is large, the XRP rate is not too high. The asset has a high level of volatility. For example, it increased by over 500 times since 2017 and then rolled back. However, in 2018 we observed overall crypto assets drop.

However, the asset is listed on all popular platforms. You can buy Ripple currency on any large centralised or decentralised exchanges.

The Best Way To Buy Ripple

Now, let’s talk about how to buy Ripple most safely and conveniently. We recommend using the centralised crypto platform WhiteBIT. It is a relatively young exchange, but it has become the most often used in Europe. WhiteBIT operates officially, complying with all the regulator’s laws. It takes care of reputation, protecting customers from hacker attacks and providing them with the highest service level.

Both beginner and advanced trading tools are there on WhiteBIT. To buy Ripple currency, follow the steps:

  1. Register an account on WhiteBIT
  2. Pass KYC
  3. Attach your bank card and deposit your account (if you want to buy XRP with fiat)
  4. Place an order for buying XRP
  5. Pay the fee (which is 0,10% on WhiteBIT), and consider the bank’s commission as well
  6. Receive your XRP tokens to your account.

WhiteBIT is the best exchange to buy Ripple because it offers low fees, lightning-fast transactions, a convenient interface, the opportunity to buy with fiat, and fast and quality customer support in case you face any difficulties.


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