VoltUp launches 2 electric mobility stations offering an instant Smart Battery swapping technology platform to electric 2 wheelers and e-rickshaw drivers, OEM’s and Logistic players accelerating EV adoption on a pay as you go model for the first time in Jaipur.

Jaipur, August: VoltUp, the smart battery swapping and charging infrastructure platform company is scoped to be the go-to destination for 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers in India to opt for battery use and solve the problem of always being ready to move on the road without thinking about the mileage of the vehicle. The swapping will allow end-user to instantly replace their drained batteries with completely charged ones without having to wait long hours for charging, hence ensuring zero downtime.

The turnkey business solution developed for consumers and key stakeholders will help in providing convenience in managing the entire operations and providing transparency in the system and tackle some of the biggest problems facing the EV industry.

Starting operations in Jaipur, the company intends to expand to six new cities in Rajasthan by end-2020 and to have a pan India presence by next year. “Rajasthan is one of the leading states in terms of solar power installations and with a clear policy with an emphasis on the adoption of the electric vehicle led the company to choose Jaipur as its first city” states company spokesperson.

EV adoption is currently plagued with expensive vehicles, lower range and long charging time. To address these issues, VoltUp developed smart charging stations along with high-quality telematics-enabled batteries and technologically advanced cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with different apps including that for the drivers. The company is starting with the e-Rickshaw & e-loaders and will soon expand its offerings to e-bikes and other battery operated vehicles. The company is emphasizing to lower cost of adoption and helping drivers to run longer and earn more.

“We intend to make the cost of electric vehicles cheaper than ever before and ensure the decision to shift to an electric vehicle simpler and smarter.”

The advanced Lithium batteries are provided at a subsidized cost to bring down the initial vehicle investment and further offering battery swapping in less than 2 minutes through the VoltUp network of charging zones across Jaipur to enable unlimited range and instant charge. With a service support team across Jaipur and providing complete maintenance and service support to all the e-rickshaw drivers will be additional benefits that the company has to offer.

For Jaipur alone, the plan is to have 75 charging stations across charging zones to get a charged battery within 5km of radium from any point within the city. We have started with Surajpole and Achaaryon Ka Rasta being one of the busiest routes in the walled city and allowing drivers to find a fully charged battery within their reach.

Through this initiative, they also intend to empower the economically weaker section and existing e-rickshaw drivers in providing ownership of e-rickshaw at a highly subsidized price while enabling them to use their rickshaw for a substantially higher range. Further, the charging stations are fire and safety compliant with wallet-based payment system thus eliminating the grave dangers and challenges posed by the unauthorized charging stations, currently under operations. VoltUp Li-ion batteries will last longer than lead acid batteries and will be reused in other applications thus eradicating the issues and dangers related to the disposal of lead-acid batteries, which have a limited life of six to eight months. The company intends to provide jobs for the economically weaker section through increased adoption of e-rickshaws, a network of charging stations and new e-rickshaw manufacturing units.

Siddharth Kabra, CEO- With the launch of the first VoltUp Electric Mobility Station in Jaipur, the way electric mobility is perceived in the country is going to get reimagined and provide huge benefits to EV drivers, OEM’s and logistic players. Range anxiety and cost of EV’s are one of the biggest challenge for EV drivers and with VoltUp, the idea of waiting to charge is going to get obsolete. We reimagined EV charging as a 2 minute break and have a solution that offers transparency to every user and partner.

Nikhil Mathur, Circle Business Head- Rajasthan- The new path for our urban mobility in Rajasthan surely is going to be electric. With batteries constituting approx. 50% cost of an electric vehicle and huge amount of time to charge, the VoltUp solution is a boon for our mobility in state. Each EV owner, logistic player etc can focus more on their business and have higher runtime for their vehicles thus saving time and ensure peace of mind. Our current efforts with logistic players and e-rickshaw owners have given them opportunity to earn 2x from their current levels and reduced investments. We are excited with this business opportunity that we present to the very experienced community in Rajasthan who are really excited to be a part of this EV revolution and make Rajasthan cleaner and greener.

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