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Arjun Munda’s advice to farmers.

Once again the call of farmers’ movement is being heard in the country. Thousands of farmers are traveling from Punjab to Delhi with ration and fuel. The police have made security arrangements on a large scale on all the routes leading to Delhi. Earlier, the meeting held between the government and farmers in Chandigarh had turned out to be inconclusive. After this the farmers announced their march to Delhi. Now Union Minister Arjun Munda has made a big claim on all these matters and has advised the farmers to be careful.

attempt to pollute the environment

Union Minister Arjun Munda was part of the central government team that went to Chandigarh to talk to the farmers. Arjun Munda has now told that the government is getting information that there are many people who may try to pollute the environment. They will try to create such a situation which will pollute the environment of the country. Farmers should avoid this.

Arjun Munda’s appeal to farmers

Union Minister Arjun Munda has said that the government is committed to the welfare of the people. He said that most of the matters were agreed upon in the meeting. There are many matters on which the government is open for talks. But there may be some people who want to see it as a problem instead of a solution. Farmers are requested to stay away from such people who want to make the environment unfavorable.

What is the demand of farmers:

  • Legal guarantee of MSP
  • Pension facility and crop insurance
  • Swaminathan Commission report should be implemented
  • Farmers’ loans should be waived immediately
  • Electricity Act 2020 should be repealed
  • Cases registered during protests in 2020 removed
  • Justice to the victims of Lakhimpur violence

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