Unacademy launches the first Unacademy Store in Jaipur

Unacademy store

  • This marks the launch of the second experiential Store for the brand in the country

Jaipur, April 10, 2022: Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform*, announced the opening of its second Experience Store in the country in Jaipur. Learners will be able to browse the brand offerings offline and speak with specialists at the first Unacademy Store in Jaipur.

Jaipur is a key learning hub in the country, owing to the ambitious and bright students of the state. The Unacademy Store will further provide guidance, knowledge, and a space for all learners in the city to be able to accomplish their goals.

The Unacademy Store is created to serve as an offline touchpoint for Learners who want to understand the brand’s offerings and have first-hand experience of the advantages. The Store is designed to keep Learners informed about their chosen career paths and connect them to others who share the same interests. The on-ground counseling with experts, occasional sessions with Top Educators, and a host of other aspects curate a holistic experience for Learners and further propel the trust and confidence in the brand. 

The Unacademy Store is built with a modern and minimalist design approach, that will elevate the browsing experience for the learners. Students can also purchase Unacademy subscriptions at the Store after guided counseling with on-ground experts.

The first Unacademy Store in Jaipur is designed to provide an enriched learning experience:

  1. Experience Zone: The on-display devices (Tablets and screens), with content running from Unacademy, will help users understand the platform’s offerings and subscription models. Here, visitors will be assisted by in-house on-ground experts, or they can take their time to explore the content on their own.
  2. ‘Connect’ – Counseling area: Learners will be able to seek guidance and support from available product offerings or by purchasing subscriptions with experts.
  3. The In-house library furnished with relevant reading resources will help learners stay updated in their chosen fields.
  4. Three spacious Classrooms, where the platform will occasionally host sessions with Top Educators from various categories for all Learners.
  5. The Merchandise wall is a useful and attractive section of the Store, featuring cool, flaunt-worthy merchandise such as apparel, stationery, etc.- everything is available for purchase.