U.S based The Analyst Agency enters into strategic alliance with its Indian partner Kreo Capital Pvt Ltd


The U.S based Analyst Agency is looking to further expand its portfolio in India in the coming year. One way they are adding value to companies in India is by creating business growth services aimed at expanding their reach in new markets. The Analyst Agency has announced its joint venture with Nagpur based Kreo Capital Pvt Ltd which is a boutique multi-disciplinary financial consulting company. The key outcome of this strategic tie-up, together they are combining to provide specific service like developing a custom industry research report which will outline opportunities, competitors, financial projections, and customer acquisition plans for the SME sector in select countries. SME’s contribute a mammoth share of around 45% to the Indian Manufacturing sector and around 40% to Exports. With this alliance, both the companies will provide customized market research, data analysis, back-office processes, financial modelling for companies, and diverse marketing and lead generation consulting. This venture will look to help Indian companies build a bridge to expand their businesses into United States and Canada and vice versa.

The alliance is aimed at SME business sectors who are growth oriented and are looking for sound financial as well as market research advice to plan their strategies. With a unique consortium of experts consisting of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, MBAs along with qualified data analysts, business researchers, software developers, IT support, cyber analysts, and management consultants, they will create value added solutions which will be tailor-made to suit the requirements of the various industries in all the 3 countries which will provide enormous cost savings and at the same time making the companies more efficient and improving their brand recognition in new countries and markets.

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“Kreo Capital is a SEBI Registered Category I Merchant Banker. Apart from being active in the Indian Capital Markets, the company is also providing Outsourcing Services in the field of Financial Analysis and Research Arena. Kreo Capital has developed a niche position amongst its clients for providing its best-in-class corporate advisory and research services in a timely and cost effective manner” shared Anish Buche Sr. Vice President Kreo Capital Pvt Limited.

He further added, “This Indo-US partnership will help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with their growth expansion in terms of business and international outreach. SME’s are the backbone of any economy and with their growth is synonymous with the growth of the economy. We are hopeful that our alliance will be able to help companies who are looking to breakout into the international market.

Steven Czyrny Founder of The Analyst Agency further added “The Analyst Agency is a full service global market research and business analysis firm and partnering with Kreo Capital will further allow us to develop specific financial and due diligence advisory services to companies looking to expand into India and we can supplement that by leveraging our custom market research and lead generation services to provide a full picture of how to proceed for Indian companies looking to expand into the US or Canada, and those in North America wanting to expand into India.”