TrustScore launches world’s first Trust Cards

A new Era of Trust starts now! Trust Card is the card of future where you can instantly identify the right people to connect with
Delhi, India
World’s first card with Trust score is providing a revolutionary new way to identify trustworthy people. Unique to the market, this card will allow you to understand each other’s trustworthiness in just a single glance.

TrustScore can be leveraged for easier and safer interaction with strangers!

As in the era of social media, it’s hard to know who is a fake and who is real. Years of data abuse on social/professional platforms have left people scrambling for ways to identify honesty and sincerity.

This innovative product can be used as a resume or a business card with Trust score embedded in it, whether you’re looking for a job, networking with people, trying to find a date, or connect with other business professionals, Trust card will ensure that you find and validate the right person or services to collaborate with when connecting with strangers.

You can scan their Trust card with just your smartphone and see their Trust score and other information.

Trust cards have already been used by 10k people within the first month of the launch and counting.

On the launch of the product the CEO of the company, Shweta Sharma said, “We are excited to launch the second product after the proprietary Trust score. Now with Trust cards, we are revolutionizing the way people connect, that’s been stagnant for centuries. This product will solve the problem of trust for the young people who are the future of tomorrow’s world, by providing a way to validate their authenticity, due to the lack of data around past performance or behaviours in the existing scenario.”

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