The Reason Why More Women Are Needed At The Workplace!

women at workplace
Authored by Tilak Chowdhury

If we look at the history of the world, the world would be so boring, unfair and cruel without women. Some of the greatest inventions and innovations are credited to women. These inventions cover varied areas of human development and have made the modern life a possibility.

So here is a list of a few examples that should settle the debate for gender equality once for all.

The Ice creams as we know it:

I don’t know about you, but I am totally in love with ice-creams. Thanks to Nancy Johnson, who invented double-cylinder hand-crank ice cream machine in the year 1843, that helps us enjoy once of the simplest yet greatest pleasures.

The Dishwasher:

Though other prototypes existed, it took a woman’s common sense to create a dishwasher that actually cleaned the dishes. Cochran’s design was the first that used water pressure rather than scrubbers to remove debris. And in the year 1872, Josephine Cochran was instrumental in discovering the first workable dishwasher.

The Car heater:

If it wasn’t for Margaret A. Wilcox, we would all be freezing in our cars in the winters. In 1893, it was her ingenuity that helped us discover that we could be taking advantage of the heat already generated as a by-product of combustion, and she invented a way to heat cars by channelling air over the engine and into the cab.  

The Electric refrigerator:

Can we imagine life without the refrigerator? In 1914, at a time when people were still using ice-boxes, Florence Parpart patented an electric refrigerator that she successfully marketed and improved upon for years.

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Immunosuppressive drug:

Gertrude Belle Elion, during her long career as a pharmacologist, helped develop countless drugs that are used in the treatment of AIDS, malaria, herpes, and cancer. Along with George Herbert Hitchings, she invented the first immunosuppressive drug, Azathioprine, which was initially used for chemotherapy patients, and eventually for organ transplants.

Home security system:

Marie Van Brittan Brown, in the year 1969, faced a challenge. The New York City police was being notoriously slow to respond to calls in her neighbourhood, and it prompted Brown took matters into her own hands and create a home security system with closed-circuit television. The modern Home Security Systems that we use today, are inspired by the system she developed. 

The Missionaries of Charity:

On October 7, 1950, Mother Teresa received permission from the Holy See to start her own order, “The Missionaries of Charity”, whose primary task was to love and care for those persons nobody was prepared to look after. In 1965 the Society became an International Religious Family by a decree of Pope Paul VI.

Millions of people are directly and indirectly impacted by her work and has inspired many around the world to make this world a better place.

Malala Yousafzai:

Thanks to the courage of this young woman who faced terrorism and life threats but still continued her work towards her community that has helped save so many human lives and have created a better world for fellow women in her part of the world

Oprah Winfrey:

The world of television and entertainment would be so much poorer without Oprah, who has taken her shows to a whole new level.  She has been an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and much more and has helped enrich the world around her.


Marie Curie:

She is credited as someone who discovered the therapeutic usage of radioactivity. And she went on to win two Nobel Prizes in 1903 and 1911 for her extraordinary contribution to the world of science.


The world is getting more and more connected and technologically advanced. It is therefore all the more critical to engage women at the work place, as they comprise around 50% of the world population.  And, they bring in a different perspective which can add more dimension to the work we do. 

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