The 80years old visually challenged Nagulavancha Narayan Rao known for performing over 1000 marriages of sighted poor people of different castes, creeds, communities is no more, dies of Covid


    Nagulavancha Narayan Rao, a 80 years old retired blind teacher died today due to Corona in a village Thurkapally in the city outskirts near Nalgonda.  He was partially blind first and totally blind later lived life for others.

    He himself being a visually challenged person, helped over 1000 sighted people from different castes and communities get married. He took hundreds of poor people at his own expense to various Government hospitals like Osmania, Gandhi, ENT, TB Hospital, Sarojini Devi Hospitals and others for treatment and got them treated. And he used to take them back safely to their homes. He is well known among the Velama Community. He died of  corona. 

    Shri Narayan Rao retired as a Government Teacher in the year 2004 and since then has been doing more yeoman service. Educated in Hyderabad, served in Ranga Reddy and other districts, he helped people from across districts in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Blind Community in the state, Velama Community in both Telugu states paid a rich tribute to him.  

    It is a great loss to the visually challenged community in Telugu states. We have lost a great human being said Pusukuri Shrikanth, Secretary of All India Velama Association; All India Confederation of Blind Secretary and DWAB—Development and Welfare Association of the Blind, General Secretary Shri Ponugoti Chokka Rao in a joint press note in Hyderabad Today.

    Recalling his association, Mr Chokka Rao said among his preaching that inspired me so much as once he said: “turn everyday struggles into everyday greatness”. Today if we have a built blind school, truly nationally known it is because of his preaching he said. He is a truly inspiring blind person from Telugu states. He is an unsung hero. He served the society very silently, he said.

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    We all face hardships, adds Shrikanth. But, N. Narayan Rao never talked about problems. He always thought about a solution. Despite his problems he always worked for the welfare of the poor. People in general think that what blind can do? But, he has done so much to the society that too sighted people, 

    Though Shri Nagulavancha Narayan Rao was born in Turkapally in Nalgonda District, his philanthropic and social service is spread across the Telugu States.  

    The blind don’t need sympathy. All they need is encouragement and opportunities. We can compete equally well with the sighted people, Shri Nagulavancha Narayan Rao used to say, the blind community in Hyderabad and in Telangana state said.