Television’s Biggest Offering Of Exclusive Foreign Cinema Coming Soon On &PrivéHD


This October,count your blessings and get ready to be amazed with non-stop excitement every night with the greatest movies from around the world for the first time on Indian Television. Feel right at home, no matter the language and enjoy the different fragments of a global cinema with never seen before films by international directors and a globally acclaimed cast.

Feel the rush, feel the love, the madness and the laughs, no matter the language as &PrivéHD returns with the flagship property ‘Privé World Box Office’ starting October 8th onwards, weeknights at 9. Powered by Hershey’s Sofit soya milk, the channel will be bringing to you must-watch movies from around the world; with familiar themes and genres which make them interesting. It’s time to indulge a level deeper and feel the other side of the story with a rewarding experience every night.

No matter the foreign language, there is always the common familiarity to a genre or depiction of emotions on screen that brings an instant connect. You can now revel in the amazement of watching movies never before seen on television as &PrivéHD returns with its flagship property of the year bringing must-watch entertainers from around the world.

With new premieres every week, &PrivéHD’s Privé World Box Office promises entertainment for everyone with movies of varied themes and genres. With a new movie released every Friday at 9PM airing for the entire week till Thursday, the unique scheduling makes it convenient for viewers to tune-in and catch new premieres every week on &PrivéHD. The line-up includes movies that are each blockbusters in their country of origin with titles from varied genres ranging from romantic dramas and comedy to fantasy and adventure.

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Commenting on the same, a spokesperson from ZEEL said, “It’s incredible to see how in the past year, there has been a gradual growth in an audience base that have a strong affiliation for foreign and International content. This has enabled channels to consistently keep up with the popularity, and trend in providing a library of internationally acclaimed films transcending the language barrier that once existed.

The evolving preferences of our consumers assure us of our understanding of the non-conformist viewer and going a step beyond in enabling our viewers to discover great content beyond mainstream Bollywood and Hollywood, which lead to the inception of Privé World Box Office.

The resounding success from Season 1 shed light on our remarkable efforts in bringing together movie enthusiasts from every spectrum of the cinematic universe through this foreign movie block. The love and warm response we received from our fans compelled us to bring back this highly anticipated property much sooner than expected this year.

Now in its second leg, the campaign has been crafted with insights that aim to bridge the gap between the Indian film fans and the universal narratives in foreign language films, Thus, arriving at foreign movies with familiar themes that will make you feel at home, no matter the language.”

Expand your horizons this season by dipping in and out of a curated list of handpicked films that showcase a different blockbuster from their country of origin each week. Nominated for multiple Academy Awards and most popularly recognized for being Time Magazine’s best film of the yearStarringLatina’s biggest stars Antonio Banderas & Penelope Cruz, Spanish movie Pain & Glory by gifted director Pedro Almodóvar plunges the audiences in a heartbreaking and emotional series of events that follows a film director reflecting on the choices he’s made in life as his past and present come crashing down around him.

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 Hans Zimmer, the world’s most renowned music composer brings forth his incredible talent in Mexican Musical Comedy Casi Divas that focuses on four different individuals each uniquely motivated and driven by passion to gain national fame. A mixed batch of everything you need to feel satisfied every week, &PrivéHD gives you a glimpse of a true story from history not too far long ago. This 7.3 IMDB rated Norwegian classic Biographical war film Max Manus starring famed multi Amanda Award winning actor Aksel Hennie isnarrated during an unstable period of great adversity against foreign invaders. The movie recounts the life of Max Manus, a leader and one of the most important individuals of resistance against German Nazi.