Student entrepreneurs showcase talent at EO Bhopal Hosted GSEA India Semi-Finals


The young entrepreneurs from various States were seen on a virtual platform on Friday, listening to successful entrepreneurs, pitching their business profiles, and learning how they can go forward.

All the 28 participants are students from different cities across the country who are running a business, and are participating in the national finals of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), organised by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO). The participants had businesses in varied sectors, including Artificial Intelligence, agriculture, digital media, and healthcare.

Those who made it to finals include Ashish Sharma of Calidad Healthcare from EO Raipur, Anushka Bhave of PCOS Virago from EO Pune, Joshua Salnis of The Hobby Tribe from EO Jaipur, Anbula Gopi Raja from Fopple Tech from EO Andhra Pradesh and Siva Prakash S of Aayush from EO Nagpur. Tomorrow these finalists will make their presentation before the jury to win the coveted GSEA National Finals. The National title winner will have an opportunity to participate in the Global GSEA Finals. The global winner will get $25,000 as a cash reward.

Today’s Semi-Final inaugural session EO Bhopal Chairperson Nidhi Agarwal delivered welcome address whereas GSEA Bhopal Chapter Chairman Siddharth Chaturvedi introduced the keynote speaker Chintan Bakshi, CEO, Starttup Oasis.

Mr Bakshi while addressing the participating teams discussed three key components of a startup. He said if you are in an early phase of a startup you should be very mindful of what you are building, measuring its value proposition and how to implement learning from the feedback from the end users. He further advised that every start up should also keep in mind the Unit Economics to make their venture viable because even a good product or service can not survive in the market if it is overpriced.

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The closing ceremony keynote speaker Anil Chikara, Executive Director, executive chairman, Zookev compared 1920’s Spanish Flu with COVID 19 and said that the post Spanish Flu the businesses in the world had witnessed revolutionary change. Similarly the 2020 to 2030 era will witness huge changes. He predicted that the startups in the area of ecommerce, artificial intelligence, healthcare, online learning and agriculture would hold a good future.