Southern California Surrogacy Establishes New Partnership with Bliss Drive


IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023 / — Irvine, CA. September 2023: Southern California Surrogacy, a leading Californian surrogacy agency, announced a partnership with top-rated digital marketing agency Bliss Drive. With this new partnership, Southern California Surrogacy aims to expand its services and help more people achieve their dream of becoming a family.

About 1 in 6 people globally are affected by infertility. In such instances, surrogacy is a profound and life-changing journey that allows individuals and couples to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. The process involves a woman agreeing to become pregnant and carry the pregnancy to term for another individual or couple, who will then become the parents of the newborn child. South Coast Surrogacy has been instrumental in helping countless parents navigate this journey successfully.

Southern California Surrogacy has a longstanding reputation for its commitment to confidentiality, expertise, and unwavering support throughout the surrogacy process. The agency’s primary goal is to help individuals and couples realize their dreams of starting a family. With a team that collaborates with some of the world’s leading fertility doctors, attorneys, psychologists, and psychotherapists, Southern California Surrogacy ensures that every step of the journey is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

The partnership between Southern California Surrogacy and Bliss Drive, a renowned digital marketing agency, promises to usher in a new era of growth and digital presence for the surrogacy agency. By leveraging Bliss Drive’s expertise in digital marketing strategies, Southern California Surrogacy can expect enhanced online visibility, reaching a broader audience of potential surrogate mothers and intended parents. This collaboration not only signifies the agency’s commitment to innovation and adaptability but also ensures that clients receive up-to-date information and resources, making their surrogacy journey smoother and more informed. Through this partnership, both the agency and its clients stand to benefit from the combined strengths of surrogacy expertise and digital marketing prowess.

“We are thrilled to begin our new venture and take our services to the next level. In today’s digital age, it’s crucial for us to connect with our audience in meaningful ways. With Bliss Drive’s expertise, we are confident that we can elevate our digital presence, ensuring that more families have access to the invaluable services we offer. This collaboration is not just about growth; it’s about making dreams of parenthood more accessible to all,” said a spokesperson from the company. “We hope to use this enhanced digital presence to provide an even more comprehensive support system for both surrogate mothers and intended parents.”

At South Coast Surrogacy, personalized assistance is paramount, with the dedicated SCS staff always on hand to address any inquiries or concerns that may emerge throughout the surrogacy journey. The agency takes pride in its unwavering trust and reliability, holding an impeccable record of successfully completing the process. To learn more, readers can visit:

Bliss Drive’s expertise lies in using its professional digital marketing strategies to help companies improve their reach online. “We are looking forward to moving ahead on this new partnership with Southern California Surrogacy,” said Richard Fong, Founder, and CEO of Bliss Drive, “they are doing great work, and as a strategic digital marketing partner, we hope to help them expand their digital presence so more people can benefit from their professional services.”

The partnership is expected to bring new avenues of growth and opportunities for South Coast Surrogacy, further solidifying its position as a premier surrogacy agency in Southern California. Readers interested in learning more about the search engine optimization and digital marketing services provided by Bliss Drive can visit their website at

Southern California Surrogacy is located at 300 Spectrum Center Dr. Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92618. For more information about South Coast Surrogacy and its services, please visit

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