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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, March 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Solanaland, a pioneer in Solana-based cryptocurrency launches, is excited to announce the upcoming presale of $SLAND, its very own utility token. As Solana continues to dominate the DeFi space with its fast transaction speeds and low fees, Solanaland brings everything users to love about pinksale to the Solana network.

We’re thrilled to be soon launching our utility token on Pink Sale,” said a spokesperson for Solanaland. “We’re creating an all-in-one ecosystem for Solana token launches, and we believe our platform will enable users to unlock the potential of low-cap tokens. Our launchpad is perfect for degens looking to explore new opportunities in the DeFi space.

Solanaland’s all-in-one ecosystem for Solana token launches will enable users to mint SPL tokens, create a launchpad, lock liquidity, list on DEXes such as Raydium and Orca, send airdrops, undergo KYC and audits. Solanaland’s launchpad will be perfect for degens looking to explore the possibilities of low-cap tokens with high potential for returns.

With Solanaland, creating SPL tokens takes only a few minutes, allowing users to get started quickly. The launchpad enables users to raise initial liquidity and start trading. The platform’s price tool, DEXGecko, tracks tokens and offers traders real-time price action, recent trades, trading volume, charts, technical analysis, and swap tokens.

Solanaland’s $SLAND token is the utility token of the ecosystem, and users will need it to pay for service fees such as token minting, running an airdrop, and creating a launchpad. As the presale commences, users can purchase $SLAND tokens at an exclusive discount rate.

Developers at Solanaland have put in measures to protect traders from rug pulls by locking liquidity on the launchpad. Tokens that are sold during the presale will be automatically listed on Raydium and Orca. Users can also easily send token airdrops to thousands of addresses within minutes using the airdrop dAPP.

Solanaland’s presale of the $SLAND token is set to open soon on Pink Sale, the leading platform for decentralized fundraising. To participate in the presale, users will need to connect their Solana wallet to the platform and purchase tokens. 

The upcoming launch of Solanaland’s $SLAND presale demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing an innovative, all-in-one ecosystem for Solana-based cryptocurrency launches aimed at providing users with a seamless experience and unlocking the potential of low-cap tokens. 

As the presale commences, users can stay updated with the latest developments at:  and by following the project on Twitter(@slandofficial) and Telegram(@slandofficial) accounts. 

About the Company:

Solanaland is a Solana-based cryptocurrency platform that provides an all-in-one ecosystem for Solana token launches. With Solanaland, users can mint SPL tokens, create launchpads, lock liquidity, list on DEXes, send airdrops, and undergo KYC and audits. Solanaland’s $SLAND token is the utility token of the ecosystem and can be used to pay service fees. For more information, please visit


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