Small and Gated Societies New Magnet for Potential Investors in Post COVID World: Elante Group


Key Points: Elante Group is inviting investors who are willing to invest more than 100 Crores in quality assets. Despite the fact that COVID-19 slowed down the industry even further, Elante Group launched two flagship projects in mid lockdown time located in Gurgaon. Potential home buyers now want t
heir new home to be fully automated and office ready and prefer small and gated communities in view with issued guidelines for healthy living in the wake of pandemic. Investment in luxurious apartment and buildings in small communities brings rapid ROI and real time growth for both the buyers and investors at large scale. As the Indian real estate market is now improving at a steady pace and potential buyers are more inclined to own a home in gated societies in view of the small group being more suitable for a standard living in new normal, Elante Group has opened up new investment opportunities with its exclusive projects in the Delhi NCR area to give buyers more choice and to equip the independent societies with top notch facilities and amenities which they only expect through huge commercial projects. Akash Kohli, Founder & CEO – Elante Group Akash Kohli, Founder & CEO, Elante Group, shared his concept of developing small-scale communities that stand out as a great choice for potential buyers and investors and can be mutually beneficial to both ends. He said, “To get our customers world-class experience, we are taking an extra leap to open up services, conveniences and amenities that were previously expected only in large communities. As in the grasping situation all around, people are looking for a lot of separate properties where the number of tenants is comparatively much lower than the commercial developments that are supposed to accommodate as many people as possible.” “Small and gated settlements thus are more appealing for investors wishing to invest over 100 Cr. and protect for themselves a quality asset especially in times when huge projects has no certain time line to finish up due to sudden scarcity of man labor. Additionally, these small-scale projects are completed in less than 18 months and reduce the long waiting period for flat deliveries in view of major communities,” He added. Despite the fact that COVID-19 slowed down the industry even further and big realtors are avoiding to initiate any new projects in Delhi NCR region, Elante Group successfully launched two of its flagship projects based out of Gurgaon following the current trend in the industry. The two luxurious apartment projects namely, Sushant Lok, E-4 and Nirvana Country, Cedar Crest-24 respectively got majority of footfalls during lockdown only as both projects promise on time delivery and come equipped with essential amenities suggested by the government and also, they define high living standards which are not so common in small gated communities. Investors looking forward to investing in real estate are often ask for various requirements that they believe are important to attract buyers and thus small gated communities are standing up in almost all of these parameters and offering quick delivery time as their unique point of sale. These are also far more convenient and versatile investment choices as these offer much wider investment options that a prospective investor can select accordingly. About Elante Group Elante Residencies We are into Residential Real Estate Development of Ultra-Luxury Independent Residencies in Gurgaon & Delhi since 2009. With a team of highly skilled professionals, in-depth technical knowledge and skill of construction, we stand by our promise of “Luxury crafted with care”. Elante Interiors Actively catering to our client’s needs of Modern High-End Interiors for their apartments. With a dedicated team of talented interior designers and craftsmen we behold to our promise of “Timeless Luxury” to our clients by transforming their house to their Dream Home. Elante Financials Simple documentation, quick processing, and an excellent customer service makes Elante Financials a go-to place for all your housing loan needs. Having tied up with various banks and financial institutions, we understand your requirement and guide you as well as provide documentation services so you can relax while we take care of the rest.


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