SkyDrive SD-03 ‘Flying Car’ Completes Successful Manned Test Flights In Japan


SkyDrive Inc, a Japanese urban mobility company has announced that they have successfully completed manned test flights for their SD-03 Flying Car. The company held the first public demonstration of their 'flying car' project on the 25th of August 2020 in Japan.
The successful manned flights were held over the 2.5-acre (10,000 sq. metre) Toyota Test Fields in Japan. The single-seater flying car took-off several feet off ground and circled the entire field for a time period of about four minutes.

The test flight was handled by a pilot on board, although computer-assisted controls ensured safety and flight stability. There were also technical staff members at the field monitoring the conditions and aircraft performance throughout the test.
As per SkyDrive, the SD-03 flying car comes powered by eight electric motors, two at each corner. The two rotors power the four drive rotors, which rotate individually in opposite directions. The use of eight electric motors is to ensure safety even in emergency conditions while also complying with all necessary standards.

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