Budget 2022 Comments by Saurabh Soni, Co-Founder, Digisparsh – India’s First Fintech for Financing entire healthcare ecosystem


Saurabh Soni, Co-founder, Digisparsh said “I welcome the Government’s decision to set up 75 banking units in 75 districts. This is a strong move to penetrate digital financial services in our rural market which has 40 cr+ Jan Dhan customers. This will not just help to bring the unbanked population under the financial ecosystem but also enable them to receive timely financial aid to fulfil their education, business and health needs.

Especially post-pandemic when out of pocket expenses to meet medical emergencies have shot up drastically, forcing people to resort to unorganised debt markets consisting of loan sharks. So while more details are awaited, I hope this also paves way for PPP (Private Public Partnerships) to emerge and provide specialized, low cost, targeted financial services, because rural banking needs are starkly different from urban needs.”

He further added, “at Digisparsh, we are at the conjunction of health, technology and finance. We work with consumers to provide 0% interest loans to meet their healthcare needs and help hospitals across the country to meet their working capital requirements. We are keen to work with banking institutions, government and healthcare ecosystem to ensure no one is deprived of financial support when their loved ones are ailing.”

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