Samsung launches new wind-free AC range in India


    Samsung has just unveiled what it claims is India’s first Wind-Free AC range that has PM 1.0 filter. Launched during the pandemic, this should come as a welcome feature as it also sterlises virus and bacteria, which indeed results in a more healthy living environment.

    Samsung claims that its new range of Wi-Fi enabled Wind-Free ACs are capable of clearing dust up to 0.3 micron size. As explained by the firm, the Wind-Free technology essentially delivers cooler indoor climate while being energy efficient. The tech also makes use of sensors and a display to give users precise information about cooling and air quality conditions.

    Besides the PM 1.0 filter, you also get Pre-Filter that handles large dust particles and a Deodorization Filter that is meant to eliminate unpleasant odor. The Wind-Free ACs are also available in three panel variants – 1-way Cassette, 4-way Cassette and 360 Cassette for unilateral air flow, synchronized air flow in four directions and omni-directional airflow respectively.

    Samsung’s Wind-Free ACs come at a starting price of ₹90,000 excluding GST and will be available across several offline and online channels.

    “With consumer focus shifting to health and hygiene, there has been a growing concern over pollution and allergen levels inside buildings. Our latest range of Wind-Free™ ACs aim to address these concerns with India’s first PM 1.0 Filter that not only filters dust particles up to 0.3 micron but also sterilizes virus and bacteria using an electrostatic charger.

    Committed to deliver the best experience to our consumers, the new range comes with unbeatable performance coupled with premium aesthetics which not only provide customers with efficient cooling but also protect them from indoor pollutants for a healthier lifestyle,” said Mr. Vipin Agrawal, Director, System Air Conditioning Business, Samsung India.


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