Sameera Reddy Shares 2010 Photoshoot Pic In Which She Was “Slimmed Down”


Actress Sameera Reddy, who frequently addresses topics like body positivity in her Instagram posts, shared a picture from 2010 and explained that a lot of things were wrong with it. The prime factor being that it was edited to hide her “pimples, her real waist, the cellulite” and what not. Sameera Reddy posted a picture from the year 2010 from a photoshoot which was heavily tweaked. “Can you see the cellulite? The pimples? The loose skin on my belly? The real jawline? The real waist? Which part of my body is not touched up? Answer – Every part of it was cleaned, pulled in, tweaked, slimmed down in 2010,” wrote Sameera Reddy.

Later in her post, Sameera Reddy wrote that she wished she had the original picture to highlight the drastic differences. She added, “I wish I had the original untouched picture to compare. Throwback.” She signed off her post saying that it took her a little time to accept her body the way it is. “A reminder that it took me a while to realise I need to love my body exactly the way it is and no one can make you feel that comfort. Except you ! #imperfectlyperfect #throwbackthursday #2010 #10yearsago ,” added the former model.

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