Royal Enfield has been a symbol of resilience, purposeful longevity, and authenticity since 1901. It has preserved the legacy of building simple, harmonious classic motorcycles by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, to create pure
motorcycling experiences.

In its 120 the year, Royal Enfield re-envisions its iconic motorcycle, the Classic, with the launch of the All-New Royal Enfield Classic 350 – a timeless classic motorcycle reimagined to meet modern aspirations. The sublime beauty and confidence of the Classic, now enhanced with a more smooth and refined ride experience.

The all-new Classic adds a new chapter to Royal Enfield’s legacy of building authentic post-war era British motorcycles that are loved by enthusiasts around the world. The legacy of the Classic dates back to 1948 with the groundbreaking Royal Enfield Model G2, the first to have swinging arm rear suspension on a full production motorcycle.

As dependable as it was beautiful, the Model G2 served as a strong design inspiration for the hugely popular Classic 500 and Classic 350 launched in 2008. Its simple and elegant design philosophy with signature styling details, combined with a
commanding, comfortable riding stance, and dependable UCE engine made it a favourite amongst leisure motorcycling enthusiasts.

Ever since it’s launch, the Classic has emerged as a motorcycle that has redefined the middleweight motorcycling space and spawned the revival of Royal Enfield, kickstarting its journey to lead the segment globally. 12 years and more than 3 million motorcycles later, the Classic has built a legacy of its own, and the new Classic 350 is all set to take this legacy ahead.

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Speaking about the legacy of the Classic, and commenting on the launch of the all-new Royal Enfield Classic 350, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors Ltd. said, “The Classic 350 launched in 2008, was a modern and capable motorcycle that symbolized the timeless post-war styling from the heydays of the British motorcycle industry. It’s captivating design language and simplicity coupled with dependability, catapulted the Classic to global popularity, and it went on to
redefine the middleweight (250-750cc) motorcycle segment.

Through our history, we have been consistent in our pursuit to build timeless, classic, beautiful motorcycles that are great fun to ride, and the new Classic 350 does just that. The all-new Classic 350 beautifully combines this quintessential, timeless design with an absolutely modern and refined ride experience. Built ground-up, on our modern J-series engine, with an all-new chassis, the Classic 350 offers a tremendously refined and perfect ride experience that almost feels like riding again for the first time.

We’ve paid great attention to every aspect of the motorcycle, right from its stunning look, to the perfection in parts and the touchpoints, to its impeccable riding performance. The supremely well-calibrated engine is super smooth, intuitively responsive and engaging, and has that gorgeous growl on acceleration. The all-new chassis inspires enormous confidence while handling and is especially well-mannered in tight traffic situations and around twisty corners.

The Classic is by far the most comfortable motorcycle to ride, with plush seating and suspension, and great ergonomics.
The motorcycle is, without a doubt, class-leading, and feels incredibly refined and enjoyable to ride. We are confident that the incredibly refined all-new Classic 350 will once again redefine the mid-size motorcycle space globally”

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Reminiscing about the Classic’s success through the years, and commenting on the launch, B Govindarajan, Executive Director, Royal Enfield, said, “The Classic has been a huge catalyst in growing and expanding the middleweight segment in India, while also being instrumental in unlocking a thriving sub-culture of leisure riding among young and experienced riders across the
world. The all-new Classic 350 carries forward this legacy, and is built to reflect the familiar timeless design language, with a completely modern and reimagined ride experience.

Retaining the retro appeal in entirety, the new Classic 350 aims to take the legacy forward with its new premium fit and
finish, ground-up chassis and engine, and superlative ride and handling. With sharp focus on the middleweight motorcycle segment, and our firm belief in the trend of premiumization in the Indian automobile industry, we are confident that the new Classic 350 will further fuel our growth and our ambitions”

Powered by the modern, globally appreciated 349cc air-oil cooled single cylinder engine, launched recently on the Meteor, the all-new Classic 350 brings in a new level of comfort, smoothness and refinement in ride experience. With the 349cc, fuel-injected, air/oil cooled engine, the Classic generates a power of 20.2 bhp at 6100 rpm and a torque of 27Nm at 4000rpm, resulting in a strong low-end grunt and super smooth linear power delivery across the band, making the ride enjoyable
and effortless.

With the primary balancer shaft that cuts down the vibrations, the reborn Classic feels smooth and well-mannered on road. The gear shifting is crisp and smooth, thanks to the optimized 5-speed gearbox that ensures strong in-city acceleration, as well as a relaxed ride at cruising speed. Much to the joy of Royal Enfield enthusiasts, the new Classic 350 retains the
unmistakable thump of the exhaust note.