RESTORE Worldwide Returns to Cameroon with its Largest-Ever Team to Change Lives


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RESTORE Worldwide Returns to Cameroon with its Largest-Ever Team to Change Lives

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 9, 2023/ — RESTORE Worldwide Inc., the Foundation for Reconstructive Surgery, will embark on its second medical mission to Yaoundé, Cameroon, and includes the largest team of volunteers ever assembled for such a mission. This comes just a few weeks after the foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary and completed 23 previous missions successfully. The team of over 40 healthcare personnel, consisting of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nursing staff, surgical techs, physician assistants, OR nurses, statisticians, and administrative staff, will arrive in Cameroon between May 5 and May 7.

RESTORE previously served Yaoundé in June 2022, where the team provided free reconstructive surgeries to over 50 patients. This year, the team will conduct medical screenings on May 6-8 and perform surgeries on May 6-May 12 at the Hôpital Militaire Yaoundé.

The different types of FREE surgeries will include, but not limited to:

• Cleft lip and palate repair

• Craniofacial surgery

• Brain tumor

• Spine/orthopedic surgery

• Tumor resection and reconstruction

• Burn reconstruction

• Breast surgery including mastectomies and reconstruction

• Hand, foot & extremity surgery

• Excision and debulking of tumors

• Intersex surgery / gender re-affirmation surgery

• Complex reconstruction

• Urology /gynecology procedures

• Auditory diagnostics and care

RESTORE welcomes Gil Tepper, MD on this mission. Dr.Tepper is tasked with setting up RESTORE’s spine program. It is also notable to mention that the mission trip will see the inclusion of an audiologist to their team of healthcare professionals. In their previous mission trip to Ghana, RESTORE had a dentist join their team for the first time. This shows the foundation’s commitment to providing diverse services to the communities around the world.

Dr. Michael K. Obeng, the founder of RESTORE Worldwide, expressed his excitement for the upcoming mission and the opportunity to change more lives. He stated that the team is “determined to touch as many lives as possible in Cameroon, building on their record-breaking 174 life-changing interventions in Ho, Ghana, in October 2022”.

RESTORE Worldwide Inc. is proud to announce that the upcoming humanitarian mission trip will be a collaborative effort between doctors from the United States, France, Germany, Senegal, Mali, and the United Kingdom. As stated by Dr. Paa Ekow Hoyte-Williams, Director of Medical Affairs at RESTORE, the mission trip will continue the foundation’s commitment to “training healthcare officials, exchanging ideas, and making a positive impact wherever their mission takes them”.

With a diverse team of healthcare professionals, RESTORE is well-equipped to bring forth comprehensive medical services to emerging countries.

The mission is being sponsored by the Avi Sivan Abraham Foundation (ASAF) founded by Eran MOAS in 2009. As a charity and social work organization based in Cameroon, ASAF specializes in supporting children with special needs and orphanages. Throughout the years, ASAF has been assisting and partnering up with several local and international organizations such as RESTORE.

To date, RESTORE Worldwide has provided over 1,600 surgeries free of charge in three different continents, with a monetary value exceeding 80 million USD.

Interested donors and volunteers can email to collaborate on future missions.

About RESTORE Worldwide, Inc.: The Foundation for Reconstructive Surgery

RESTORE is an acronym that stands for Restoring Emotional Stability Through Outstanding Reconstructive Efforts. It is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit medical service organization in the United States of America that provides free reconstructive surgeries and related medical services to children and adults with disfiguring deformities from birth, accidents and diseases involving not only the head and neck region, but also the trunk, breasts, extremities, and genitalia.

It was founded in 2008 by Ghanaian American Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, humanitarian, and global health strategist, Dr. Michael K. Obeng. He is the Director of MiKO Plastic Surgery and MiKO Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, California.

As part of its mission, RESTORE also educates and trains local medical professionals on the latest techniques and safety measures in plastic and reconstructive surgery, effecting change long after the RESTORE team leaves these communities.

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