“Reality Of Getting Old”: YouTuber Lilly Singh’s Birthday Cake Will Make You Laugh


YouTuber and talk show host Lilly Singh recently celebrated her 32nd birthday, and she was surprised with a cake that encapsulates the pains of growing up. No, we are not talking about heartaches or the pain of figuring out your taxes. This cake is a tribute to the very real, physical pains that come with age – the creaking kneecaps and constant backaches that have become a staple of millennial humour.

On Tuesday, Lilly Singh took to Instagram to share three photos of the hilarious cake that she was surprised with. Her pictures show a cake shaped to resemble a supersized replica of the famous pain-relieving ointment Tiger Balm. It has gone viral on social media, collecting several amused reactions and comments from people who found her post relatable.

“Was told that my surprise birthday cake ‘was totally me’ and it did not disappoint,” Lilly Singh, also known by her YouTube moniker ‘Superwoman’, wrote on Instagram while sharing pics of the cake. “Not an ad, just a reality of getting old.

“Tiger Balm is my jam!!! If you know, you know. Y’all can laugh but guess whose shoulders are NOT hurting right now…. THIS GIRL,” she quipped, ending her caption with a request to Tiger Balm to send her their products.

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